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5 Best Bars in Jackson, Wyoming

Positioned beneath the impressive Teton Mountains, Jackson, Wyoming, is a thriving resort town with a dynamic nightlife scene waiting to be explored. From the moment the sun dips behind the majestic peaks, this picturesque town morphs into a buzzing hotspot, boasting some of the best bars in the country.

Whether you just spent the day skiing, hiking, or simply taking in the awe-inspiring views, there’s no better way to wind down (or ramp up) than by indulging in a well-deserved libation at one of these great watering holes.

We’ll guide you to the best bars in Jackson, WY – where rustic charm meets sophisticated allure, and the drinks are as unforgettable as the mountain vistas. So, put on your cowboy boots, grab your friends, and keep reading to discover why these establishments should top your “crucial to experience” list! Cheers!

Jackson Hole’s nightlife scene

Nightlife at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Among the picturesque Wyoming mountains, Jackson Hole offers an exciting nightlife scene that caters to various tastes and preferences. Irrespective of your status as in the mood for honky-tonk live music, world-class symphony orchestras, or energetic DJ nights, this charming town delivers an unforgettable evening experience for its visitors and locals. As the sun sets over the majestic Teton mountains, the dynamic blend of historic saloons, trendy pubs, and modern clubs come to life, ready to entertain and captivate their guests.

The rich history and wild west charm are palpable in establishments like the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Silver Dollar Bar & Grill. At the same time, more contemporary spots like The Virginian cater to partygoers seeking a hip and lively atmosphere.

As you explore the bustling streets of Jackson Hole, you’ll be treated to a range of entertainment options, from open mic nights and karaoke to professional stage performances and free, kid-friendly concerts held on lush green lawns. Whatever your mood or inclination, Jackson Hole’s nightlife scene is packed and ensures you’ll leave with cherished memories and great stories to tell.

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2. Best overall aprés-ski spot: The Mangy Moose

Live band entertainment at Mangy Moose

Jackson Hole is home to a buzzing après-ski scene, with The Mangy Moose taking the crown as the ultimate spot for skiers and snowboarders to unwind. Located at the core of Teton Village, this legendary venue has garnered a reputation for making every visitor’s experience memorable. With its back patio, lively atmosphere, and daily live music acts, The Mangy Moose is the perfect place for adventure-seekers to let loose after a day on the slopes.

Along with its dynamic ambiance, The Mangy Moose boasts a vast cocktail menu consisting of signature concoctions and classic favorites. Besides, it offers an extensive selection of beers for those eager to quench their thirst. While it might be considered one of the rowdier après-ski bars in Jackson Hole, no trip is complete without checking out this iconic establishment.

Be it to savor a creative cocktail, or a beer, indulge in some hearty bar food, or dance the night to live tunes. The Mangy Moose epitomizes the après-ski experience. This hotspot is guaranteed to make a night to be remembered while visiting the picturesque Jackson Hole region.

3. Legendary live music at The Stagecoach

Stage Coach Bar

Located just outside of town in Wilson at the bottom of Teton Pass, The Stagecoach is a legendary hotspot for live music in Jackson Hole. For over 40 years, music enthusiasts have flocked to this dynamic venue, which has become a crucial experience destination, particularly on Disco Night every Thursday. Here, you’ll find guests dancing the night away to an impressive lineup of bands and DJs, accompanied by a soundtrack of tunes from the 70s and 80s.

Aside from its lively entertainment, The Stagecoach offers a cozy atmosphere with pool tables, darts, and even beach volleyball for those looking for a more laid-back evening. The dive bar is also known for its impressive happy hour specials and a full range of drinks catering to every kind of palate. Don’t forget to mingle with the friendly local crowd; this lively joint is loved by many for its welcoming atmosphere and unique character.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Jackson Hole during your trip, don’t miss the opportunity to visit The Stagecoach for a night of fun, music, and unforgettable memories. [5][6]

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4. Best dance floor at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Prenup shoot of couple dancing outside the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson

For those seeking the best dance floor experience in Jackson Hole, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar stands out as a top choice. Known for its authentic Wild West atmosphere, this legendary establishment has been a staple of Jackson Town Square since 1937. Offering a genuinely unique experience, the bar features detailed knobbled-pine accents, cowboy murals, and genuine saddle barstools for patrons to saddle up on.

Famous across the globe, musicians like Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., and even Willie Nelson have graced the stage in the winter. At the same time, live music continues to entertain visitors every night during the summer. Dance enthusiasts and beginners are invited to join the band and area locals on the dance floor to learn cowboy swing and dance the night away in true Western style.

Along with its fantastic dance floor, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar offers patrons a range of drink selections to keep everyone’s spirits high. With a rich history and a lively atmosphere, this iconic Jackson Hole nightlife location should not be missed when visiting the area. So, take a trip to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for an unforgettable evening filled with dancing, music, and Western charm.

5. Bluegrass and bar snacks at Silver Dollar Bar at the Wort

Friends having drinks at  Silver Dollar Bar

Checking out Jackson Hole is incomplete without stopping by the Silver Dollar Bar at the Wort Hotel for a delightful experience of bluegrass and bar snacks. Located at the core of Jackson, this historic bar dates back to 1921 and is known for its beautiful inlaid bar with 2032 uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars, giving it its iconic name. As you enter, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into the Wild West with its classic, rustic charm.

The Silver Dollar Bar is particularly famous for its Tuesdays Bluegrass nights, attracting locals and tourists every week. Prepare for a memorable evening as the venue comes alive with talented musicians playing authentic bluegrass tunes, taking you on a genuinely immersive journey through Americana music. Complement this experience with delicious bar snacks, ranging from delicious sliders to delightful truffle fries.

The Silver Dollar Bar also boasts an impressive wine list and a menu of creative cocktails, making it the perfect place to kick back and enjoy an unforgettable night out in Jackson Hole. If you’re a music enthusiast looking for a friendly atmosphere and delicious bar food, don’t miss out on checking out the Silver Dollar Bar at the historic Wort Hotel.

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