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5 Best Day Trips from Boulder, Colorado

A lot of visitors travel to boulder for an overnight stay or a short visit. It is a mountain town in boulder county, Colorado. Its in the foothills of the Rockies so the mountains will be at your doorstep. This being said, you do not need to spend a fortune on an activity here. After all, most people are there to party and for the nightlife.

Boulder is a small town so everything is within a short walk. Whether you are looking for cheap eats or fancy 5 star restaurants, you are bound to find something suited to your tastes. It is also a cycling city so if you are in that mode of travel you will be more than fine.

That being said, you can travel a little further out from your place of residence and enjoy time in the mountains or close to them. Boulder has a number of places that are perfect for a day trip.


beautiful mountain ranges and pine trees in Aspen
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Aspen is a resort town 1.5 hours drive from boulder. Aspen is on a mountain and is at the base of Aspen mountain. You will feel like you have left America behind and taken a step into the mountains of Europe.

There are multiple different activities and there is a large range of food and drink. If you are there on a weekend and looking for some fun parties then this is not the place to go, if you are looking for somewhere quiet where you can relax then Aspen is perfect for you.

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jeep with tourists plying  the mountains in Durango
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The town of Durango is 2 hours from boulder. This place has some amazing wildlife and you can stop off at the Durango train museum or even go to the Animas museum which shows information about the Native American history of the area.

It is a small town but does have great shops which are very oriented towards the outdoors. Also it is a very diverse place and you will enjoy the local culture

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bikes parked outside stores at Telluride
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Telluride is a resort town and 3 hours drive from boulder. It is a skiing town and attracts a lot of tourists. It is very cold there in winter.

It is an expensive town but with a great atmosphere. They have great local shops but there are also lots of international chains. If you are into skiing or snowboarding you will find some amazing facilities here as well.

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greeneries and structures from an aerial view of Silverton
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This is a popular train trip that you can do. The Durango train takes you to Silverton on the American river. This is an interesting town although a lot of it is closed down. There are a couple of historical locations in the town that are worth checking out. The trip is very interesting and they give you a DVD to watch about the area. It is a bit expensive so if you are looking for a cheap day out then this is not the place for you.

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