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Can You Bring A Bike On A Trimet Bus? Transportation Policies

Who doesn’t love combining the open road with two wheels in Portland, Oregon? Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where riding your bike across the city wasn’t feasible? Today we’re diving deep into the ins and outs of merging bus commute with bike travel on Trimet buses. Get ready, this is for all you cyclists out there who want to combine pedal power with public transportation!

Yes, you can bring your bike on a Trimet bus! Trimet has bike racks installed on the front of their buses, allowing passengers to easily transport their bikes. Simply wait for the bus to fully stop, approach the blue pole with your bike, make eye contact with the driver, and proceed to load your bike onto the rack. It’s recommended to practice using the bike rack beforehand at a route terminus or refer to Trimet’s website for detailed instructions.

can you bring a bike on trimet bus

Rules for Bringing a Bike on a TriMet Bus

For those looking to explore Portland and its surrounding areas on a bike, finding an efficient mode of transportation that can accommodate your bike can be challenging. Luckily, TriMet buses can transport bikes! Here we take a closer look at the rules regarding bringing bikes on TriMet buses and how many bikes are allowed.

  • For those looking to explore Portland and its surrounding areas on a bike, TriMet buses provide a convenient option for transportation.

Number of Bikes Allowed

TriMet provides a number of options when it comes to transporting bikes on their buses. First off, it’s important to note that not all TriMet buses provide racks or space for bikes. Additionally, certain restrictions apply regarding when and where you can bring your bike onboard the bus.

For example, during peak weekday commute times (7-9 am and 3-6 pm), only folding bicycles are permitted on board. Bikes aren’t allowed if the bus is already carrying two other bikes, except in the case of folding bikes.

It’s also crucial that you know how to load your bike appropriately into the provided rack before embarking on your journey. Doing so ensures a safe ride for both you and others onboard.

Bus Routes with Bike Racks

TriMet Buses equipped with exterior racks are capable of carrying up to two standard-sized bikes at once. This capacity is similar to what other public transit agencies offer cyclists in over 100 cities across America.

Standard Sized Bikes Folding Bikes
Two per Bus Unlimited

However, it’s essential to note that this capacity isn’t set in stone since there are instances where no space remains available due to other passengers’ luggage or strollers. In such scenarios, the driver may have no choice but to deny access to any additional passengers with bikes.

It’s also critical to ensure that your bike meets specific size requirements when using TriMet’s bike rack service. The combined weight of your bicycle and any additional gear should not weigh more than 55 pounds.

By understanding these rules and adhering to the guidelines in place, cyclists can confidently transport themselves and their bikes on their TriMet journeys. Happy cycling!

  • According to a 2020 survey from Trimet, approximately 7% of riders regularly bring their bikes onto the buses.
  • It is also worth noting that each Trimet bus has the capacity to transport two to three bicycles at a time.
  • A study done by Bike Portland in 2019 noted that around 4% of all commutes in the PDX metro area were facilitated through combined bike-bus travel.

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Procedure of Securing Your Bike on a TriMet Bus

If you’re someone who prefers a bike as their preferred mode of transportation, you might wonder about your options when traveling on public transport. TriMet buses have made bike accommodation an integral part of their service with provisions like bike racks to ease commuters’ transportation experience.

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Advisory for Peak Hours and Bike Accommodation

TriMet buses with bike racks are available across the Portland region, making it convenient for bikers to use public transport while still carrying their bikes. Each bus rack can accommodate up to two bikes and is located on the front of the bus.

Suppose you want to hop on a Line 72-Killingsworth/82nd Ave Eastbound and are hesitant about your bike’s safety. Fear not! These buses come equipped with comfortable and safe bike racks.

Alternatives for Bike Riders During peak Hours

Peak hours can be challenging for commuters with bikes, especially on crowded transit systems like TriMet buses. The bus driver has the right to deny access to conventional bikes once the designated bike racks are full. This policy ensures that passengers with disabilities and strollers have enough room without compromising their safety and comfort.

Picture this – you’re commuting to work or school on a packed bus, with your trusty bicycle in tow, only to realize that there’s no space for your bike. You’d likely start wondering if there are alternatives available.

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Rights and Responsibilities of Bike Riders on TriMet Buses

Before boarding the bus, always ensure there’s enough space for your bike. When loading your bike onto the rack, squeeze the handle on top and lower it down to position it correctly.

Think of it as operating a jack-in-the-box – hold the handle tightly until fully stopped before letting go slowly and precisely.

Place your bicycle in the rack and secure the front wheel by placing the bar over it. Make sure it’s as close to the frame as possible so that your bike won’t sway during transit. Removing any loose items or valuables from your bicycle beforehand can prevent theft or loss.

De-boarding is mandatory through the front door, allowing for easy access to unload your bike. Informing the driver ensures they’re aware of your presence before stepping off. Remember, never step in front of the bus until sure drivers acknowledge you.

It’s important to note that standard size bicycles are also permitted inside MAX trains during non-peak times, weekends and holidays; however, folding bikes are allowed at all times . Understanding how to secure your bike correctly onto TriMet buses helps ensure a safer and smoother ride for all passengers.