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Welcome Aboard the Cat Bus Charlottesville

Are you tired of leaving your friends at home, while you go out to explore the city of Charlottesville? We will introduce you to the innovative and perfect solution for all your public transportation needs. It is the Cat Bus!

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)

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The city operates the Charlottesville Area Bus Service. This connects neighborhoods to cities and the city’s major companies and counties by a rail only. The most usual student-oriented route is the trolley linking UVA with Downtown. UVAA Identification cards are always needed for customers to use in replace of payment on the routes. The routes are normally free to travel and do not need for UVA identification.

CONNECT: Regional Connections by Jaunt

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CONNECT provides an easy public transport choice. It serves Crozet, Route 29 North, Lovingston, and Buckingham commuters. The CONNECT Services include; UVA students, faculty, and employees. They are free to use the service when presented with the right UVA ID. New connection routes are now free for commuters.

Free Trolley

A free Hoo Bus system initially began operation on Friday, September 6, 1996. The shuttle operates between campus and town on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sunday nights. In a two-year trial run, the city gave preliminary funding to the university.

Each company donated $366.64 for starting operating its initial services with private funding from D&R Development. The owner of Regal Cinemas in Downtown Mall. The additional $5,100 appropriation for December 2, 1996, boosted services, with $2.450 a month of general funds and $2.650 for the university. [7]

County funding

Albemarle participates in its programs – paid rides on which they travel. For F.Y. 2009, Albemarle provided the city with $666.633 to operate Routes 1A-5A. It was $105m in FY2017. [4]

FY2012 funding

The amount budget for it was $645,500 for F.Y. 2012. $60,000 was given by Virginia University to pay for the trolley. The U.V. collected $145,000 to pay the boarding fees for students with valid UVA ID.

FY2017 funding

CAT’s annual budget amounted to $7.3 million, including $1,05 million in contributions from Albemarle.

Charlottesville taxpayers contributed $22.7 million to the project. But UVa also provided $241,535 for student and teacher transportation. The federal funds are 1.6 million, while federal funds are 1.36 million in state dollars. [3].

CAT 8 Bus Stop List and Departure Times

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The CAT 8 – 8 BRSC / STONEFIELD bus route is a popular option for commuters in the Charlottesville area. It connects a few key bus stops, ensuring people can easily gain access to a range of parts of the city.

To plan their trips, passengers can consult coming bus times at every stop, displayed in real-time and on the website, and the full bus schedule. This information helps travelers become aware of the next scheduled eight bus departures.

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Free Trolley Route for UVA Students

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The Free Trolley Route is a popular Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) service. It is popular among University of Virginia (UVA) students, faculty, and staff. It offers an easy connection between the university campus and downtown Charlottesville.

Traveling on this popular route is convenient as UVA members can present their valid UVA ID card and ride the fare-free bus system.

Afton Express Bus Schedule and Discounts

The Afton Express Bus offers commuters a safe and cheap transportation option. It is between Staunton, Waynesboro, Fishersville, and Charlottesville. And also at the Fifth Street Station in Albemarle County.

With free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and cheap pricing, it has become a popular option for commuters. A single trip on the Afton Express costs $3.00 each way, and passengers can pay with exact change when boarding.

Is the CAT-free in Charlottesville?

It has remained free of charge for riders since COVID-19. Passes can be purchased at the Downtown transit station.

How do you get around Charlottesville without a car?

How do you get to Charlottesville? The Charlottesville Transit Bus Service serves Charlottesville and Albemarle counties. It’s free of charge to travel on all buses and trains. Those with disabilities can also use the bus services. Moreover, bikes are available for use in the service.

Is CAT free for UVA students?

The most used route to Cathay is the trolley linking UVA and the downtown area. UVA Identifiers are presented without payment of fare on CAT’s routes website. Update: All routes are free to ride and needed no food, with no UVA IDs for riders.

Is the Clemson Catbus free?

Please feel free to contact or call: 866-454-2488 for additional information. Catbus’s schedule can be viewed online via ALL OF THE PEOPLE ARE RIDE-FREE!

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