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Chaco Tour Bus: Explore Ancient Ruins with Expert Guides

Chaco, the iconic outdoor lifestyle brand, has taken an innovative approach to reaching its customers by launching a national tour featuring a mobile factory bus and a Chillos Mobile Pop-Up. The Chaco tour bus, known as the ReChaco Roving Repairs Bus, has been traveling across the United States to meet and engage with its loyal fan base. It offers an opportunity for Chaco enthusiasts to not only purchase the popular sandals but also to have their worn-out pairs repaired and customized by expert cobblers.

The Chaco tour bus initiative started in 2021, with the aim of providing consumers with memorable experiences while spreading the brand’s message of sustainability and adventure. The bus operates as a vintage school bus-turned-mobile factory, capable of repairing and building an impressive number of sandals each day. The tour has also included repair pop-ups in various locations, showcasing the brand’s commitment to extending the life of their products and reducing waste in the process.

Each stop on the Chaco tour bus journey offers customers the chance to learn more about their favorite outdoor footwear brand, reconnect with the outdoor community, and explore the latest product offerings. From Denver, Colorado to Red Rocks in Morrison, the national tour has garnered a reputation for connecting the brand with its adventurous and environmentally conscious customers in a truly unique and immersive way.

Chaco Tour Bus Overview

The Chaco Tour Bus, an innovative initiative by the outdoor lifestyle brand Chaco Footwear, aims to bring its signature products and services to customers throughout the United States.

Origin and Purpose

The Chaco Tour Bus began as a creative way to connect with the brand’s loyal customers, often referred to as the “ChacoNation.” The tour features the “Roving Repairs Bus” – a vintage school bus transformed into a mobile factory – capable of providing on-the-go repair and customization services for Chaco sandals and other products.

Mobile Factory Bus

The mobile factory bus travels to various cities throughout the United States, offering Chaco customers unique repair and customization services. The bus stops include popular events, retail locations, and other community gatherings where Chaco enthusiasts are likely to congregate. The Mobile Factory Bus is a testament to Chaco’s commitment to sustainability and extending the life of their products.

Fit for Adventure Tour

The Chaco Fit for Adventure Tour is a series of events hosted by Chaco Footwear, encompassing the Roving Repairs Bus, Chillos Mobile Pop-Up, and other engaging activities. Customers can visit the bus for repairs, purchase custom Chillos for $55, and attend events like sandal-making workshops, among others.

National Tour

The National Tour has made stops in various cities, such as Denver, Austin, Nashville, and recently expanded to include the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first leg of the 2022 Fit for Adventure Tour featured stops in Austin, Atlanta, and Charlotte areas:

  • Austin, TX: March 16-27
  • Atlanta, GA: April 1-17
  • Charlotte, NC: Dates TBD

The Roving Repairs Bus operates from 12-6 pm every Wednesday-Sunday at the primary residencies, offering free repairs for Chaco products. The stops throughout the tour offer Chaco enthusiasts a chance to refresh their sandals or purchase a custom pair, creating a unique brand experience.

Chaco Footwear

Chaco Footwear is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor sandals, recognized for their durability, comfort, and customizable designs. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality is best exemplified by their touring repair bus, which fixes and customizes sandals on the go.

Z Sandal Models

Chaco’s Z sandals are their flagship product line, known for their distinctive strap patterns and comfortable designs. Some popular Z sandal models include the Z/1 and Z/2, each offering unique features to cater to different preferences and outdoor activities. The LUVSEAT™ footbed, a key component in Chaco’s sandals, is recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association and has been awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health.

Classic Z Sandals

The Classic Z Sandals have a timeless, versatile design that focuses on simplicity and functionality. These strap sandals are built for comfort with fully adjustable straps, allowing wearers to find their perfect fit. Chaco prides itself on the durability and sturdiness of their Classic Z Sandals, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

Chillos Sandals

Chillos Sandals are a lightweight, comfortable alternative to the Classic Z line. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Chillos sandals are flexible and versatile in nature. With a softer LUVSEAT™ footbed, these sandals provide excellent comfort while maintaining support and stability for your feet. Chillos sandals are a great option for wearers who prioritize comfort and ease in their footwear choices.

Custom Design

Chaco’s custom design option allows customers to personalize their sandals with various colors, patterns, and strap configurations. This unique feature sets Chaco apart from other footwear brands, as it adds an element of personalization and creative expression to their durable and supportive sandals. During the Chaco tour bus events, customers can experience this customization firsthand, with on-site sandal construction and repair services.

Repair and Customization

Free Repairs

Chaco offers free repairs for their customers’ sandals as a part of their commitment to being a sustainable brand. The Chaco tour bus visits various locations throughout the United States, offering free repairs on the go. Cities on the tour schedule include Austin, TX, Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN. For added convenience, customers can book an appointment on Chaco’s official website for repairs and custom orders.

ReChaco Roving Repairs Bus

The ReChaco Roving Repairs Bus serves as the centerpiece of Chaco’s Fit for Adventure Tour. This mobile repair facility, a vintage school bus converted into a customized workshop, provides customers with the same experience they would have at Chaco’s Michigan-based ReChaco Factory. Here, skilled workers repair the brand’s signature Z/ sandals and their after-sport Chillo slides. In Denver, CO, the bus made stops at FIBArk, Salida, Modern Nomad, Red Rocks, Morrison, TOPO Designs Store, and New Belgium Brewing Co.


Chaco enthusiasts can also make use of the Roving Repair Bus to personalize their sandals. The bus offers customization options such as unique webbing patterns and replacement components like buckles and straps. The customization stop at TOPO Designs Store in Denver, CO, for instance, allowed for modifications and unique pair creations. Walk-up time slots are also available for walk-in customers seeking customization, but it is advisable to make an appointment through Chaco’s website for an optimal experience.

Events and Locations

The Chaco tour bus hit the road, visiting several locations and events to showcase its products and services. Some of the highlights include:

FIBArk, Salida, CO

Chaco kicked off its tour with its Roving Repairs Bus at FIBArk in Salida, CO, from June 17-20, providing onsite repairs and support to Chaco customers during the event.

Modern Nomad

During their time in Denver, the Chaco bus made a stop at Modern Nomad, a collective of unique retail shops and design studios. Here, Chaco showcased their latest products alongside other outdoor brands.

Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

Chaco made an appearance at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. During this stop, attendees had the opportunity to experience the Chaco brand in the remarkable natural setting of the amphitheater.

New Belgium Brewing Co

Chaco visited the renowned New Belgium Brewing Company, promoting their brand and offering a chance for event-goers to enjoy Chaco products alongside craft beer and live music.

Outdoor Voices

During a stop in Austin, TX, Chaco partnered with Outdoor Voices, blending outdoor apparel and footwear, allowing attendees to experience the synergy between the two brands.

Nashville Sounds

In Nashville, TN, Chaco made an appearance at the Nashville Sounds, a local baseball game, promoting their brand and connecting with the local outdoor and sports community.

Urban Cowboy

Also in Nashville, Chaco showcased their products at Urban Cowboy, a unique boutique hotel, providing a relaxed atmosphere for visitors to experience their footwear in a stylish setting.

Chaco Canyon Exploration

Chaco Canyon, located in northwestern New Mexico, offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors interested in the rich history and archaeological wonders of the ancestral Puebloan civilization. The well-preserved great houses and fascinating structures provide a glimpse into the complex and technologically advanced culture that thrived in the region between 800 AD and 1150 AD.

Great House

One of the most remarkable features of Chaco Canyon is the presence of several large multi-storied structures known as great houses. These impressive buildings demonstrate the architectural expertise of the ancestral Puebloans and typically consist of hundreds of rooms, ceremonial spaces, and intricate masonry work. As you explore the great houses by foot or on the Chaco tour bus, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the social and ceremonial aspects of the ancient civilization.

Pueblo Bonito

Considered the most famous great house in Chaco Canyon, Pueblo Bonito is an architectural gem that showcases the artistic and engineering prowess of the ancestral Puebloans. Built and occupied between 850 AD and 1150 AD, this structure once stood four stories high and contained over 600 rooms. Pueblo Bonito served not only as a residential space but also as a central location for various ceremonies, trading activities, and astronomical observations. Visitors can explore the well-preserved ruins and appreciate the intricate masonry that characterizes this remarkable site.

Casa Rinconada

Casa Rinconada, another significant structure in Chaco Canyon, is a captivating example of the ancestral Puebloan’s architectural and ceremonial practices. The main feature of Casa Rinconada is its large, circular kiva—a subterranean ceremonial chamber—which spans over 60 feet in diameter. The ingenious design of this kiva includes various sun and moon alignments as well as other celestial markers, reflecting the Puebloan’s fascination with astronomical phenomena. As you explore Casa Rinconada, you will gain an appreciation for the spiritual and astronomical importance this site held for the ancient inhabitants of Chaco Canyon.

Sustainability and Partnerships

Chaco’s focus on sustainability and durability has led the company to form interesting partnerships and engage in outreach programs that align with their values. A few key partnerships and events include the OARS Trip, their activities in Portland, and their connection to Wolverine World Wide.


Chaco has teamed up with OARS, a leader in outdoor adventure travel, to promote sustainability and provide unforgettable outdoor experiences. This partnership integrates their shared passion for protecting the environment and helping others appreciate the natural world. Participants in the OARS trips often wear Chacos, showcasing the perfect footwear for these adventures.


The Fit for Adventure Tour made a stop in Portland, which allowed the brand to connect with the city’s active outdoor community. During their time in Portland, Chaco demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by providing same-day repairs for sandals, reducing waste from discarded footwear, and spreading the message of durability and eco-friendliness.

Wolverine World Wide

Chaco is part of the Wolverine World Wide family of outdoor brands, which also includes brands like Merrell and Saucony. This partnership helps Chaco promote its sustainable practices and collaborate on initiatives to protect the environment. Wolverine World Wide’s commitment to sustainability aligns well with Chaco’s values, making the collaboration mutually beneficial for both entities.

Social Media and Giveaways

The Chaco Tour Bus, known for providing repair and customization services to Chaco footwear enthusiasts, also engages its audience on social media platforms, especially Instagram. By sharing updates about the bus’s stops and events, Chaco keeps its followers informed and excited about the tour.

One interesting aspect of Chaco’s social media presence is its use of giveaways. These contests serve to create buzz around the brand and reward its loyal customers with swag and prizes. Chaco has participated in brand partnership bundles, where it joins forces with other brands to provide a more attractive prize package. Participants in these contests are typically required to follow the participating brands on social media to enter.

Chaco’s social media giveaways often offer an opportunity for fans to win inline Chillos—the brand’s famously comfortable and lightweight sandals. By promoting these contests, Chaco generates interest in its products and encourages potential customers to try the sandals for themselves.

To keep track of the Chaco Tour Bus and participate in engaging giveaways, follow Chaco on Instagram and other social media platforms. This will ensure that you stay updated on when the bus may be stopping in your area and allow you to join in on social media promotions to win some swag or a new pair of inline Chillos!

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