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7 Best Seoul City Bus Tours

Although Seoul is a city of over 10 million people, it is surprisingly easy to get around on the bus. In this blog post, we will tell you about the different types of Seoul City Bus tours available and how to take advantage of them.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or have been living in Seoul for years, these bus tours will help you see everything the city has to offer!

Popular Tourist Attraction In Seoul City

Lotte World Scenery

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Visitors come to Seoul to experience the city’s traditional culture, modern architecture and vibrant nightlife.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul include Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Namdaemun Market and Myeongdong Shopping Street.

For those interested in Korean history, the palaces are a must-see. Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Changdeokgung Palace is another well-preserved Joseon Dynasty palace that is open to the public.

Deoksugung Palace is a unique mix of traditional Korean and Western architecture. Namdaemun Market is one of the largest traditional markets in Seoul, with over 10,000 shops selling everything from clothes to food.

Myeongdong Shopping Street is a lively pedestrian-only shopping street that is popular with both locals and visitors.

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7 Best Seoul City Bus Tours

Looking to explore Seoul without all the hassle?

Then a city bus tour is definitely for you!

Not only do city bus tours offer a great way to see the sights, but they also provide an easy and convenient way to get around. Plus, with so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find a tour that’s perfect for you.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best city bus tours in Seoul.

1. The Classic City Tour

Seoul City Streets

This tour is perfect for first-time visitors to Seoul. It covers all the must-see attractions, including Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Changdeokgung Palace. Plus, with its convenient hop-on, hop-off format, it’s easy to explore at your own pace.

2. The Namsan Cable Car Tour

Namsan Cable Car and Skyline

See Seoul from above on this unique tour that takes you up Namsan Mountain via cable car. From the top, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the cityscape below. You can even add on a Korean folk village tour for an extra dose of culture.

3. The Seoul Tower Tour

Namsan Seoul Tower at Night

Another great way to see Seoul from above is on the Seoul Tower tour. This tour takes you to the top of Namsan Mountain, where you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the city. You can also add on a Korean folk village tour for an extra dose of culture.

4. The DMZ Tour

DMZ Korea Sight

This tour takes you to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul. On the tour, you’ll learn about the history of the division of North and South Korea, as well as see some of the sights, such as the Joint Security Area.

5. The Seoul Food Tour


This tour is perfect for foodies who want to experience the best of Korean cuisine. On the tour, you’ll visit some of Seoul’s most popular restaurants and markets, and learn about traditional Korean dishes.

6. The K-Pop Tour

Korean Concert

This tour is perfect for fans of Korean pop music. On the tour, you’ll visit some of Seoul’s most popular K-pop sights, such as the JYP Entertainment Center and the SM Town Museum. You’ll also get to see a live K-pop performance.

7. The Seoul Shopping Tour

Seoul Shops

This tour is perfect for shopaholics who want to experience the best of Seoul’s shopping scene. On the tour, you’ll visit some of the city’s most popular shopping districts, such as Myeongdong and Insadong. You’ll also get insider tips on where to find the best deals.

So there you have it, seven of the best city bus tours in Seoul.

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and explore!

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How Much Does A Bus Tour Ticket Cost In Seoul City?

A bus tour ticket in Seoul city typically costs between 10,000 and 15,000 won. The price varies depending on the length and route of the tour, as well as the time of year.

Some companies offer discounts for students, seniors, or groups. Bus tours are a great way to see the sights of Seoul without having to walk long distances or navigate public transportation.

Most tours include a headset rental so that you can listen to an audio guide in English or another language. Most tours also make several stops, allowing you to explore certain areas in more depth. Tickets can be purchased online or directly from the tour company.

When purchasing online, it is important to check the refund policy in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

How Long Does An Seoul City Tour Typically Last?

A typical Seoul city tour will last between 3-4 hours. This includes time for a brief orientation, transportation to and from the various tourist destinations, and plenty of time to explore each attraction.

The most popular attractions in Seoul include the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Changdeokgung Palace, the Jongmyo Shrine, and the Namsan Tower.

While it is possible to see all of these attractions in a single day, most visitors prefer to spread out their sightseeing over a few days in order to better enjoy each individual destination.

With that said, a Seoul city tour is a great way to get an overview of this vibrant metropolis and its many historic landmarks.

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Seoul City Bus tours are a great way to explore the city and see all of the major tourist attractions. The buses are comfortable and have English-speaking tour guides, so you can relax and enjoy the ride while learning about Seoul’s history.

If you want to see as much of Seoul as possible in a short amount of time, then a bus tour is definitely the way to go.

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