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City Tour of Windhoek Namibia


  • $76.00 per person

Discover the heart and soul of a city steeped in captivating history and modern charm. Embark on a City Tour of Windhoek, Namibia, and unlock a tapestry of diverse experiences that seamlessly blend colonial heritage with contemporary vibrancy.

Delve into the rich historical sites in the city center, gaining insight into the captivating journey from the colonial era to the present day. Uncover the nuanced history of the Katutura township, immersing yourself in the cultural fabric of the region.

Explore the National Museum of Namibia, where artifacts and exhibits offer a profound glimpse into the country’s past, while the Trans-Namib Railroad Museum showcases the pivotal role of rail transportation in shaping the nation.

With a comprehensive 3-4 hour tour, you’ll traverse the city’s landscapes, witnessing the fusion of tradition and modernity. From historical landmarks to the pulsating energy of contemporary Windhoek, this experience promises a captivating journey through time and culture.

Key Features

  • Uncover captivating colonial and contemporary history
  • Explore rich historical sites and cultural fabric
  • Visit National Museum and Trans-Namib Railroad Museum
  • Comprehensive 3-4 hour tour of tradition and modernity

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