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Kathmandu: Chandragiri Cable Car and Monkey Temple Tour


  • $90.00 per person

The Chandragiri Cable Car and Monkey Temple Tour unveils a captivating blend of cultural and natural wonders, creating an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Ascend on the modern cable car to Chandragiri Hill, where the panoramic views of the majestic mountains and lush landscapes will leave you breathless. Explore the ancient Monkey Temple, also known as Swayambhunath, with its 2600-year-old Buddhist stupa and the playful monkeys that reside there, adding a touch of enchantment to the spiritual ambiance.

This tour seamlessly intertwines the allure of modern engineering with the richness of ancient traditions, offering a unique perspective of Kathmandu’s heritage. The transition from the heights of Chandragiri Hill to the lively ambiance of the Monkey Temple embodies the essence of Nepal’s cultural and natural diversity. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, breathtaking vistas, or simply a day of exploration, the Chandragiri Cable Car and Monkey Temple Tour promises an enriching and immersive experience, making it a must-do for any visitor to Kathmandu.

Key Features

  • Ascend Chandragiri Hill on a modern cable car
  • Marvel at panoramic views of majestic mountains
  • Explore ancient Monkey Temple with 2600-year-old stupa
  • Experience the blend of modern engineering and ancient traditions
  • Immerse in Nepal’s cultural and natural diversity seamlessly

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