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Rovaniemi: Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour


  • $133.00 per person

The Northern Lights Photography Tour in Rovaniemi, Finland, offers an enchanting opportunity to capture the mesmerizing dance of the auroras in the Arctic sky. Beyond the ordinary tourist experience, this tour unveils the hidden gems of the Rovaniemi area, presenting a unique blend of adventure and artistry. As the gateway to the Arctic, Rovaniemi provides an unparalleled backdrop for capturing the elusive Northern Lights, with expert guides leading the way to the most picturesque locations.

Embark on a journey that goes beyond the clichés, delving into the heart of Lapland’s natural beauty. Traverse the snowy landscapes by minivan, seeking out the perfect vantage points for your photography. Encounter the local reindeer and husky farms, immersing yourself in the authentic Arctic culture. Additionally, the tour includes a visit to Santa Claus’ village, adding a touch of magic to your Arctic adventure.

This tour promises an intimate and unforgettable experience, allowing you to hone your photography skills while embracing the mystical allure of the Northern Lights.

Key Features

  • Unveils hidden gems of Rovaniemi area
  • Traverse snowy landscapes by minivan
  • Encounter local reindeer and husky farms
  • Visit Santa Claus’ village for added magic
  • Promises intimate, unforgettable Northern Lights experience

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