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San Pedro de Atacama: El Tatio Geysers Tour


Discover the otherworldly marvels of the El Tatio Geysers, a natural wonder nestled in the heart of the Atacama Desert. Embark on a captivating journey to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of over 80 geysers, where the earth comes alive with powerful bursts of steam against the backdrop of the Andean mountain range. As the sun rises, the geysers create a mesmerizing contrast of colors, offering an ethereal and unforgettable sight. Traverse the rugged terrain and feel the exhilarating rush of standing amidst these geothermal wonders, a truly unique experience found in few places on earth.

Immerse yourself in the mystique of this high-altitude geothermal field, located at an astounding 4,300 meters above sea level. Marvel at the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape, adorned with thermal pools and volcanic formations. Delve into the cultural significance of the region as you encounter the indigenous flora and fauna, adding depth and richness to your exploration. A journey to the El Tatio Geysers is a rare opportunity to witness the raw power and natural splendor of the earth, an adventure that promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Key Features

  • Witness over 80 awe-inspiring geysers
  • Experience mesmerizing colors at sunrise
  • Explore the high-altitude geothermal field
  • Marvel at the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape
  • Encounter indigenous flora and fauna

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