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Sarajevo: War Tour with Tunnel of Hope and Trebevic Mountain


  • $41.00 per person

Embark on a profound journey through the heart-wrenching history of Sarajevo with the War Tour, Tunnel of Hope, and Trebevic Mountain experience. Delve into the poignant narrative of the city’s resilience during the siege, guided by a local expert whose personal experiences bring history to life. Traverse Sniper Alley, a haunting reminder of the city’s wartime struggles, before descending into the subterranean world of the War Tunnel Museum, where the indomitable spirit of Sarajevans shines through. Witness the ingenuity and determination that drove the construction of the Tunnel of Hope, a lifeline during the siege, and gain a deep understanding of the city’s wartime endurance.

Ascending Trebevic Mountain, immerse yourself in breathtaking panoramas, juxtaposing the scars of war with the beauty of nature. As you stand atop this historic site of the 1984 Winter Olympics, the tour offers a poignant reflection on the city’s journey from conflict to triumph. This immersive experience promises to leave an indelible mark, offering a profound understanding of Sarajevo’s indomitable spirit.

Key Features

  • Guided exploration of Sarajevo’s wartime history
  • Expert narration by a local with personal experiences
  • Visit to the haunting Sniper Alley and War Tunnel Museum
  • Ascend Trebevic Mountain for panoramic views
  • Reflect on the city’s journey from conflict to triumph

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