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Tallinn: 2-Hour Shooting Range Package


  • $137.00 per person

Experience the thrill of an exclusive 2-hour shooting range package in a city where history and modernity converge seamlessly. Embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure that allows you to unleash your inner marksman in an unparalleled setting. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, immerse yourself in the art of precision shooting with a selection of real handguns and automatic rifles. Delve into the heart-pounding excitement of firing 60 shots from 2-3 different high-caliber weapons, mastering the techniques and skills employed by professionals.

Discover the allure of this unique experience, set against the captivating backdrop of Tallinn. Engage in an activity that offers a rare blend of exhilaration and skill-building, creating unforgettable memories in an unexpected setting. Whether you’re a novice seeking an introduction to firearms or a seasoned enthusiast craving an exceptional shooting adventure, this package promises an unforgettable journey into the world of marksmanship. Uncover the unexpected thrill of the Tallinn 2-Hour Shooting Range Package and leave with an indelible sense of achievement and excitement.

Key Features

  • Experience an exclusive 2-hour shooting range adventure
  • Fire 60 shots from real handguns and automatic rifles
  • Guided by seasoned instructors in precision shooting techniques
  • Unforgettable journey for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike
  • Set against the captivating backdrop of historic Tallinn

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