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7 Best Day Trips from New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are planning a trip to New Orleans then chances are you are going to need 2 days to get through it. I am serious, it’s an amazing city but you need at least 2 days to be able to explore it. Here are the best day trips from New Orleans.

1. Bourbon Street

People walking on the street , neon lights

Bourbon Street is not just famous for that neon-lit frontage and the sounds of music. There are plenty of reasons to spend a couple of days on Bourbon Street. It is a street that is covered in bars and clubs and even though it feels like you are going to a party, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

There are so many bars and clubs on Bourbon Street that it would be virtually impossible to visit all of them, but we highlighted a few of the best in this post.

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2. New Orleans Food Tours

closeup of oyster served
Image from Viator,com

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without trying some New Orleans food. There is nothing like sitting in a restaurant, chatting away with a group of friends, and eating some amazing food. What better way to enjoy New Orleans than sampling some of its top restaurants?

New Orleans Food Tours offers a 3-hour food tour for $129 per person, which is definitely a bargain when you consider what you will get to eat!

3. The Historic New Orleans Collection

The Historic New Orleans Collection sign over the front doorway

NOLA is quite the cultural hub and there is much to see. If you have never been to New Orleans then you may want to make the most of your trip. Many museums and tourist attractions are dotted around the city.

The Historic New Orleans Collection is a museum that spans over 16 acres and includes over 170 buildings and gardens. Each building is modeled to resemble the building it would have resembled in the 1800s. If you have time, we highly recommend visiting this historic museum.

4. New Orleans Swamp Tour

Swamp trees , lakes

New Orleans is full of natural beauty, not just historical buildings. The swamps are an amazing place to visit and the Creole Queen Tour is a great way to see nature at its best. The tour takes you to the Garden District, where you will learn all about the history of the area as well as see some stunning architecture.

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5. French Quarter

Horse carriage in front of a French Quarter

Even though the French Quarter is littered with bars, clubs, museums and restaurants, there is no denying that it also has the most beautiful architecture in the city. If you get the opportunity to spend some time in the French Quarter, it is a must.

Visit Cafe Du Monde for a treat, the iconic coffee house where you will get that authentic experience. Also take time to see Jackson Square, a historic monument and a great location for people-watching.

6. The Steamboat Natchez

Steamboat Natchez parked at Its Dock
E. M. Winterbourne –

If you are staying in New Orleans for a few days then you may want something a little bit out of the ordinary. The Steamboat Natchez, an old paddle wheel steamboat that has been restored, offers an incredible 3-hour trip down the Mississippi.

The boat itself is an experience by itself and the view down the Mississippi is something you can’t really see anywhere else. It is a great day out for all the family.

7. The American Adventure

The American Adventure is a theme park located in the heart of New Orleans. There are 23 different rides in the park including a high-speed roller coaster, a flight simulator, and a black light attraction. The park also focuses on the history of the area and has a museum dedicated to that. We would recommend allowing a full day to visit the park.

As you can see, there is a lot to do in New Orleans and it is certainly worth a visit. Make sure that when you head there you plan your time effectively so you have as much time as possible to explore the city.

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