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11 Best Bus Tour Companies in the US

The United States is a big country known for its colorful history, attractions, and cultural heritage. Sometimes, you want to see and explore more of it than just what’s around your house. A bus tour might be the perfect option if that sounds like you. Lucky you, I gathered the best bus tour companies in the US for your vacation. All you have to do is choose!

Bus tours are an affordable way to see the country. You can spend money on something other than gas or parking. Instead of sitting in traffic jams, you can enjoy the beautiful sights along your route.

Touring the US by bus has never been easier than it is today. There are several tour companies to choose from, each offering different tours depending on your interests and budget. Some companies offer luxury buses that are equipped with all the travel essentials. Others will be more affordable but still offer you great service for your money.

The best part about taking a bus tour is that you don’t have to worry about anything except having fun! Below are some of the best bus travel companies for tours in the USA.

Best Bus Tour Companies in the US

1. Flixbus

Flixbus moving on the road
 Björn Wylezich |

The mission of FlixBus is to be the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient bus service available. With FlixBus, you can save a lot of money while having a fantastic, stress-free trip to your destinations.

FlixBus US is the American branch of the FlixBus bus operator in Germany. Popular routes on FlixBus US include Philadelphia to Washington DC, and Miami to Orlando.

Long-distance train and bus rides are also available through FlixBus. They partner with transportation and tour operators in each area where service is to be provided. The company does not own many of the buses they use.


FlixBus US’s lime green buses have plush seating. Each has USB ports and free WiFi, so passengers can work or relax on the road.

Booking tickets for bus tours through either their app or website is possible. Their expert drivers will bring you safely to your destination as you sit back and relax.

FlixBus Destinations

See the dancing fountains of Bellagio and visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. You can also have fun in San Diego Zoo Safari Park, SeaWorld San Diego, and LEGOLAND California!

Ride Flixbus if you want to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge or have a night tour of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco! Flixbus is also there if you want to rejuvenate in the Lower Eagle Falls in South Lake Tahoe.

If the Beehive State is on your bucket list, Flixbus will gladly take you there. Listen to the stunningly moving music performed by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. You may also enjoy the sights of Arches National Park in Moab!

Hop on a trip to New York! Experience the cultural richness of New York City and see the breathtaking sights of Niagara Falls with Flixbus!

Flixbus is also perfect if you’re planning to see the White House in Washington, DC. Experience the French Quarter of New Orleans in LA, or watch a show at the Boston Opera House! There are many places to go, and Flixbus can take you there.

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2. Greyhound

Greyhound Bus waiting for passengers

One of the finest options is Greyhound Bus, which has the largest network in North America. Greyhound’s low fares and extensive route network is great for budget-minded travelers.

Greyhound is the largest intercity bus service in North America. Aside from its regular bus routes, Greyhound offers charter bus rides. Rides on the Amtrak Thruway, rides to and from work, and parcel delivery is also offered. Greyhound connects 230 terminals with 1,600 stops.


Greyhound buses include all the standard amenities that American travelers have grown to expect. Keeping comfortable on a bus ride is not a concern because they all have air conditioning. There are toilets, reclining seats, and window tinting on board. Some buses on high-traffic routes may have televisions and video players for your pleasure.

Greyhound has various fare and discount options, such as those for students, seniors, and members of the armed forces. If you are a member of the armed forces or a student with a valid ID, you can get a discount of up to 10% on your ticket price. You can get the best price by pre-purchasing tickets online. Tickets are always available for purchase at the terminal.

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Greyhound Destinations

Greyhound offers many trips you can join! Their most popular trips include New York to Boston and New York to Washington. Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to San Diego, and Los Angeles to San Francisco are also popular routes.

With Greyhound, you can go on an adventure on Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can have authentic cultural experiences in Downtown Rapid City in South Dakota. You may also explore New Orleans (LA), Niagara Falls (NY), or Salt Lake City (UT) on a long trip or excursion.

You can check more destinations on Greyhound’s website.

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3. Megabus

Megabus Waiting for passengers

Traveling across North America has never been more affordable, thanks to MegaBus USA! It has daily point-to-point route network bus tickets starting at just a dollar. Every aspect of the business is geared toward the consumer.

Megabus is a bus service that runs between cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Their services are known for their inexpensive prices. Megabus is the most cost-effective way to see some of the most exciting places in the United States.

Megabus also caters to those who would rather use the bus than an airplane for longer distances. The majority of their long-distance trips link major cities in America with those in New England.


The company’s trained drivers ensure the safety of all Megabus passengers. A bus attendant helps the driver with passengers’ bags. You can stay online for free because they have Wi-Fi in nearly all their buses.

Megabus will make brief stops at convenience stores and gas stations on long trips. These excursions also serve as opportunities to buy refreshments and visit the restroom. You’ll ride in style and comfort on one of their double-decker buses. All the buses are spotless and have a restroom on board. All seats recline, and there are power outlets available.

Megabus offers many trips to different destinations. Some of its most popular trips are New York to Boston, New York to Washington, Philadelphia to Baltimore, Washington to Atlanta, Atlanta to Madison, Madison to Florence, and Milwaukee to Minneapolis!

Visit Megabus’ website to discover the routes their buses take.

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4. Coach USA

Coach USA
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You can go on guided motorcoach, train, plane, or boat excursions with Coach USA! They are fantastic opportunities to learn about new places, people, and traditions while making new friends.


Enjoy one-day excursions on their bus/ charter bus tours and weekend getaways by train with Coach USA! You can travel across America by boat or plane with them, too! Their skilled bus tour operators will ensure your vacation is memorable and enjoyable. This tour company has tours that are both reasonably priced and truly unforgettable.

You can book private coach tours that you can customize! Coach USA offers the best drivers and tour guides. They have competitive prices, clean and comfortable buses, and entertainment! Check their website to learn more about this tour company.

Coach USA’s regular routes include Los Angeles (CA), Las Vegas (NV), New Orleans (LA), Boston (MA), Columbia (MD), and several other places. You can find Coach USA’s tours on its website’s tours page.

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5. GOGO Charters

GOGO Charters Website homepage

GOGO Charters can assist if you’re looking for charter bus tours. They provide regular employee shuttle service for your company, university, or senior community. The charter bus service will determine the best route for you if your departure and arrival locations are within the USA. You may sit back and enjoy the ride as they handle everything for you.

You can rely on GOGO Charters for safe, reliable, and comfortable charter bus transportation. You can contact this bus tour company day and night to find out if you are in their service area. Whether traveling in a large or small group, GOGO Charters is for you. They will work with you to create a personalized itinerary considering all your transportation needs and style.


Plan your trip, and let GOGO Charters handle the arrangements for getting you there and back again. Depending on how many people are in your group and the conveniences you’d like, they will find the best motorcoach for you. They will coordinate with your driver after they have your bus number and itinerary.

Popular destinations include the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Colorado Convention Center is also a favorite. The Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and Times Square in New York are also popular for group travelers.

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6. Coach America

Coach America Website homepage

Coach America has you covered if you need transportation for a business conference, a school function, or a month-long band tour. They specialize in providing secure and convenient group transportation.


Coach America provides reliable transportation options. Finding the appropriate service may seem difficult, but they make the process easy.

You can count on a fleet that was customized just for your requirements. This is why their fleet adapts to various occasions and transportation demands. They rent buses for various occasions, including school field excursions and sporting events.

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7. Peter Pan Bus

Peter Pan Bus
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Peter Pan Bus Lines operates at more than 100 locations in the Northeast US. It is one of the country’s largest privately held motorcoach firms.


Peter Pan buses have Wi-Fi, power outlets, climate control, a lavatory, reclining seats with headrests, and window tinting. Peter Pan Bus can substitute equipment that may or may not have the advertised features. The bus makes no unscheduled stops or drop-offs throughout the route for passenger safety and security reasons.

Peter Pan Bus Lines’ business is transporting passengers between cities in the Northeastern US. Its main office is in a city in Massachusetts. This company serves Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. They provide express service daily in large cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

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8. Shofur

Shofur Website homepage

Over 300 North American cities can use Shofur’s high-quality bus reservation services. Shofur accommodates the transportation needs of a wide variety of groups of any size. It operates in over 300 locations throughout North America.


Each of the buses they provide is outfitted with various convenient conveniences. Air conditioning, reclining seats, overhead bins, WiFi, and power outlets are available on their charter buses. Luxury seats with extra legroom are available on minibuses and shuttle buses. You can request buses with particular facilities!

No matter where you are in the United States, whether a big city like Houston, Austin, Miami, or Chicago or a little suburban community, Shofur can accommodate your vacation and party size.

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9. RedCoach

RedCoach Website homepage

RedCoach provides high-end bus service across the United States. The company has a reputation for its reliability and professionalism across the board. Its modern fleet of buses has elevated the busing industry in the United States.

RedCoach was initially established in Florida. It has expanded and now provides luxurious coach tours to other states.


Travel in style and comfort in one of Red Coach’s lavish buses. RedCoach’s passengers can recline their seats and enjoy much more space between their knees than a standard motor coach. Each bus is equipped with free WiFi, so you can get some work done or watch a movie while on the road. You can charge your electronics without getting up from your seat since power outlets are placed throughout the cabin. RedCoach makes fewer stops along the way so that you may reach your destination promptly and without unnecessary delays.

Top RedCoach destinations in Florida include Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainsville, and West Palm Beach. Meanwhile, its top destinations in Texas are Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Richardson, Katy, and College Station.

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10. OurBus

OurBus Website homepage

OurBus is an intermediary that sets up passenger transportation via motor coach companies. In 2016, the firm opened its first route in New Jersey.


OurBus tours always use high-tech charter buses. Each has free WiFi, restrooms, recliners, power outlets, water bottles, and GPS tracking systems. This will ensure you have a comfortable and great trip to your destination!

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida are all serviced by the company’s intercity and commuter bus routes.

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11. Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines Website homepage

Jefferson Lines makes it easy to travel to 14 states in the Midwest every day. This bus tour company has low fares and flexible schedules. Charter services for large or small group travel are also available. They’re prepared to make your or your group’s trip memorable. Their knowledge, skilled drivers, and luxurious coaches make them one of the best bus tour companies!


There are several comforts available on their buses. Each has Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, toilets, and reclining seats. Their buses are spotless and well-maintained, and their drivers are punctual and polite. Look no further than Jefferson Lines for low-cost, hassle-free bus travel. Get a free online charter quote, plan your trip, and buy bus tickets today!

You can also book charter buses for your trip from Jefferson Lines! Visit their website to know more!

Get that dream trip!

The USA is the land of opportunities, and these companies would help discover one such opportunity, that of a lifetime. A vacation in the USA is one you truly won’t forget and will cherish for a lifetime. These bus tour companies have helped countless tourists enjoy their vacations without restrictions.

Of course, every person has their own needs, desires, and interests. These companies have ensured that every aspect is catered to and every possible concern is considered. All you need to do is reserve a spot or a ticket. You are one call away from your dream vacation!

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