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10 Fun & Best Things to Do in Napa, California

Napa, California has plenty to offer to anyone. A stay at a boutique hotel in Napa will accentuate the fantastic views and scenery. If you are lucky enough to spend some leisure time in the area, here are some ideas and things to include in your plans:

1. Eat like a local

Wine Grapes Clusters Hanging On a Vine

There is a wide range of cuisines to indulge in. You can choose to visit a restaurant that offers a wide range of options, or you can choose a place that provides a more local experience. It tastes better, too!

2. Visit the first vineyard

Napa Valley wooden sign with winery background

Since 1972, Rutherford was the location of the first commercial winery in America. The historic winery still stands there today, offering tours, a gift shop, a restaurant, and 4 tasting rooms.

3. Visit the countryside

Vineyard field

The countryside is full of vineyards, some of which are open for tours. On your way, you can contemplate the beauty of nature and the breathtaking scenery.

4. Travel by train

Train passing by a vineyard field

Rail travel offers an unmatched view of the countryside. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside views while the train takes you to your destination.

5. Go to a barbecue

Close up of meat barbecued on a grill

The Napa area is a barbeque paradise. You and your friends can pick a spot, buy the best meat and best wine, and have a lovely barbeque. Enjoy the process of barbecuing, tasting the food, and swapping stories about life.

6. Go on a wine tour

tourists couple walking through a vineyard

The Napa area is home to hundreds of wineries, all worth visiting. You can go on one of the many available tours to learn more about the area, the wine, and the winemaking process.

7. Go wine tasting

Man pouring wine to glasses placed on a table

The Napa area has amazing wines. You can enjoy numerous wine tastings, and get to sip some of the best wines. You will have different wine tasting experiences every time you visit, thanks to the different wineries.

8. Visit a winery

Wine Barrels at winery

There are numerous wineries in the Napa area. You can visit different wineries, learn about the winemaking process, and try different wines. You can identify wineries that suit your taste, and make special plans to visit them again.

9. Explore Napa Valley

view of grapevines on a vineyard

You can take a bus or a train tour, or you can choose to go by car. All of these options give you an opportunity to explore the region and its natural wonders. You will enjoy the views and scenery, all while traveling at your own pace.

10. Stay in a winery

sunset over vinery

There are hundreds of wineries where you can stay. You can have a romantic getaway, meet fellow wine lovers, and experience life inside a winery.

Don’t miss out

There is no doubt that you will enjoy your time in Napa. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States.

There is so much to see and do in Napa, CA. There are so many breathtaking spots, and something to please everyone. You can also go hiking and cycling, as the land is ideal for these activities. Besides, you can also go camping, as there are plenty of camping sites.

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