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From Montevideo: Punta del Este Full-Day Tour


Experience the epitome of coastal elegance with our full-day tour to Punta del Este. Nestled on the Atlantic coast, this exclusive excursion unveils the allure of South America’s premier seaside resort. Indulge in the Mediterranean-style charm of Casa Pueblo, an architectural gem and art gallery overlooking the sparkling waters. Delight in the picturesque fishing village of La Barra, where bohemian vibes and vibrant colors create a captivating atmosphere. Explore the iconic landmarks, including the famous hand sculpture emerging from the sand at Brava Beach. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Punta del Este’s coastline, where pristine beaches and rugged cliffs converge in breathtaking harmony. Uncover the allure of this renowned destination, from the glamorous marina to the captivating Punta Ballena. With insightful commentary from our knowledgeable guides, this immersive journey promises to reveal the lesser-known treasures and captivating history of Punta del Este, making it an unmissable addition to your travel itinerary.

Key Features

  • Explore Mediterranean-style charm of Casa Pueblo
  • Discover captivating fishing village of La Barra
  • Experience iconic landmarks, including the famous hand sculpture
  • Immerse in natural beauty of Punta del Este’s coastline
  • Insightful commentary from knowledgeable guides

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