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How to Take the Bus from Ithaca to Syracuse: A Travel Guide

Traveling by bus from Ithaca to Syracuse is a popular and convenient option for many individuals wanting to explore upstate New York. With several bus companies operating this route, it’s possible to find affordable and comfortable travel options that suit various schedules and preferences. As a result, passengers can enjoy a hassle-free journey while taking in the picturesque scenery between these two vibrant cities.

In order to make the most of this travel experience, passengers need to understand the various bus ticket options available. Ticket prices can vary depending on factors such as the time of booking, travel times, and the bus carrier. By taking the time to compare tickets and consider preferred travel dates, anyone can find the best possible deals on their journey from Ithaca to Syracuse.

Moreover, many bus carriers now offer enhanced travel comfort features, such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, and ample legroom to ensure passengers have a pleasant trip. By researching different carriers and their amenities, travelers can choose the most convenient and enjoyable option for their journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Bus travel from Ithaca to Syracuse offers an affordable and comfortable option for exploring upstate New York.
  • Understanding bus ticket options and carriers can help individuals find the best deals on their journey.
  • Many bus carriers offer enhanced travel comfort features to make the trip more enjoyable and convenient.

Bus Companies in Ithaca and Syracuse

Greyhound bus parked

Several bus companies operate between Ithaca and Syracuse, providing reliable and convenient transportation options for travelers. The primary operators in this route include OurBus and Greyhound. These bus companies travel offer various schedules and ticket prices to accommodate the needs of their passengers.

OurBus operates a bus service between Ithaca and Syracuse five times a week, with tickets costing between $7 and $50. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, running a direct service with no transfers required. OurBus departs from 130 E Seneca St in Ithaca and arrives at Syracuse University Libraries.

Greyhound, another major carrier in regional transportation center the area, also offers services between the two cities. They are known for their extensive bus network, which covers over 500 carriers across the United States. Alongside Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways is another option for travelers, providing comfortable and modern buses for their passengers.

Modern Bus is a newer company offering bus services in the region, while FlixBus US is an established European company that has recently expanded its operations to the United States, offering affordable and convenient travel options.

Busbud is an online platform that provides information on bus schedules, ticket prices, and more for over 500 carriers, including those mentioned above. Using Busbud, travelers can compare prices and booking options for different bus operators on the Ithaca to Syracuse route.

In summary, various bus companies serve the Ithaca to Syracuse route, including OurBus, Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways, Modern Bus, and FlixBus US. Travelers can compare and book tickets using platforms like Busbud, ensuring they find the best option that meets their needs and preferences.

Understanding Bus Tickets

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Ticket Prices

The price of bus tickets from Ithaca to Syracuse varies depending on the carrier and the time of booking. You can find tickets as low as $7, with the average price ranging between $7 and $50. To get the cheapest fares, it’s recommended to book tickets in advance. Be aware that prices cheapest bus tickets may be slightly higher on weekends and holidays.

Refund Policies

Each carrier has its own refund policy, so it’s essential to read and understand them before purchasing bus tickets. Some carriers may offer fully refundable tickets, partial refunds, or credit toward future travel, while others may have strict non-refundable policies. Be sure to review the terms and conditions during the booking process to avoid any surprises later on.

Daily Bus Schedules

The bus service between Ithaca and Syracuse operates several times per day, making it convenient for travelers to choose from multiple departure times. The journey usually takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, though travel times may vary depending on traffic conditions, weather, and other factors. Keep in mind that the schedule of trips may be more limited on weekends and holidays, so always check the departure times for your specific travel date.

TimeIthaca StationSyracuse Station9:00Ithaca, NYSyracuse, NY12:00Ithaca, NYSyracuse, NY15:00Ithaca, NYSyracuse, NY18:00Ithaca, NYSyracuse, NY21:00Ithaca, NYSyracuse, NY

Customer Support

Customer support is essential for travelers, especially when it comes to bus transportation. Top carriers usually provide fast and efficient customer service, responding within minutes to help you with any questions or concerns. If you encounter any issues during your trip, don’t hesitate to reach out to the carrier’s customer support team for assistance.

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Journey from Ithaca to Syracuse

A Street In New York

Duration of Journey

The bus journey between Ithaca and Syracuse takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the chosen bus operator. Bus services typically operate six times a week, with direct, no-transfer connections available.

Bus Station Locations

Passengers traveling by bus from Ithaca to Syracuse will depart from 130 E. Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY in front of Starbucks. In Syracuse, there are two main bus stops:

  • The first stop is located at 222 Waverly Ave, Syracuse, NY Waverly Ave between Walnut Place and University Ave.
  • The second stop is available for vaccination appointments at the New York State Fairgrounds Exposition Center, located at 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY.

Direct or Transfer Buses

Buses running between Ithaca and Syracuse offer direct services with no transfers required. These buses cover a distance of around 60 miles, making travel between the two cities quick and convenient. The cheapest tickets for a bus journey from Ithaca to Syracuse typically cost around $21.96, with prices varying from $7 up to $50 according to the bus operator and booking period.

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Travel Comfort Features

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On-Board Services

Most carriers offer a variety of on-board services to ensure a comfortable travel experience. Travelers can expect to find power outlets at each seat, allowing them to charge their electronics on the go. Additionally, most buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi for passengers to stay connected during their journey. Spacious seats with extra legroom are another common feature, providing plenty of space for relaxation.

Bus Station Amenities

When waiting at the bus station, passengers can enjoy a range of amenities available. These may include restrooms, vending machines, and seating areas. Some bus stations may even offer complimentary bottled water for travelers.

Carrier Features

Each carrier may offer unique features and benefits for their passengers. For example, some carriers may provide:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Power outlets at each seat
  • Extra legroom
  • Complimentary bottled water

It’s essential to check the specific and last bus carrier’s offerings when booking a bus ticket from Ithaca to Syracuse to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

By providing a variety of on-board services, bus station amenities, and specialized carrier features, buses traveling from Ithaca to Syracuse ensure a comfortable and convenient journey for all passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the bus ride or journey from Ithaca to Syracuse take?

The bus trip from Ithaca to Syracuse typically takes around 2 hours and 4 minutes. However, the fastest bus service operated by OurBus can complete the journey in just 1 hour and 5 minutes.

How often do buses run between Ithaca and Syracuse?

Buses between Ithaca and Syracuse run six times a week. The service typically departs Ithaca at 12:30 in the afternoon and arrives in Syracuse at 13:50. All services are direct, with no transfers required.

What is the distance between Ithaca and Syracuse by bus?

The distance between Ithaca and Syracuse is approximately 45 miles (73 kilometers).

Where do the buses depart from and arrive at in Ithaca and Syracuse?

The buses depart from 130 E. Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY, in front of Starbucks. In Syracuse, there are two bus stop locations. The first one is at 222 Waverly Ave, Syracuse, NY, between Walnut Place and University Ave. The second one is for vaccination appointments at the New York State Fairgrounds Exposition Center, located at 581 State.

How much does a bus ticket between Ithaca and Syracuse cost?

The average price for a bus ticket between Ithaca and Syracuse is around $12.5. However, ticket prices can range from $17 to $51, depending on the date and the bus service. It is best to book cheap bus tickets well in advance and be flexible with your travel dates to get the best prices.

Is it safe to travel by bus from Ithaca to Syracuse during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Bus operators are taking necessary precautions to ensure passenger safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is advisable to follow the guidance provided by health authorities and keep yourself updated with the latest travel advisories.

Additional Transportation Options

Car Rental Options

In addition to taking a bus from Ithaca to Syracuse, travelers have the option of renting a car. A variety of car rental companies are available at both Ithaca and Syracuse airports, as well as in the city centers. This option gives passengers greater flexibility in travel and allows them to explore the surrounding areas at their own pace. To find the best deals on rental cars, it is advised to book in advance and compare prices from different companies.

Train Travel

Although there are no direct train services between Ithaca and Syracuse, train travel is still a viable alternative to consider. Nearby cities such as Albany, NY and Cortland, NY offer train connections to Syracuse via Buffalo, NY. Additionally, train connections are available between Syracuse and major cities like Baltimore, MD. Keep in mind that taking a train may require additional transportation to and from train stations and may take longer than direct bus options.

Other Bus Connections

Besides the Ithaca to Syracuse route, there are other bus connections available to explore:

  • Ithaca to Albany, NY: Several bus companies provide services from Ithaca to Albany, NY. Prices and travel times may vary, so it’s best to compare them when booking.
  • Ithaca to Baltimore, MD: Buses from Ithaca to Baltimore, MD are also available, allowing travelers to explore more destinations on the East Coast.
  • Ithaca to Buffalo, NY: For those interested in visiting another city in New York State, buses run from Ithaca to Buffalo, NY. Prices and schedules can be compared online for the best deals.

With these additional transportation options, travelers can choose the best mode of transport to suit their individual needs and preferences, making their journey a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Destination Guide for Travelers

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City Information

Ithaca, NY, is a vibrant college town with beautiful natural landscapes and a strong cultural scene. Syracuse, NY, located about 60 miles north of Ithaca, offers a rich history, diverse architecture, and numerous parks and recreational opportunities.

Travel Advisories

Check for any travel advisories related to weather or road conditions before starting your trip, as the weather in upstate New York might lead to occasional disruptions. For vaccination appointments, consider the New York State Fairgrounds Exposition Center, located at 581 State Fair Boulevard in Syracuse.


Both Ithaca and Syracuse offer a variety of accommodations to fit any budget, from affordable hostels to luxury hotels. Some popular options include:

  • Ithaca, NY:
    • Marriott Downtown Ithaca
    • Argos Inn
    • The Statler Hotel at Cornell University
  • Syracuse, NY:
    • Jefferson Clinton Hotel
    • Aloft Syracuse Inner Harbor
    • Marriott Syracuse Downtown

It is recommended to compare prices and read reviews to find the best accommodation for your needs.

Points of Interest

Ithaca and Syracuse have many points of interest for visitors to explore. While in Ithaca, be sure to check out:

  • Cornell University
  • Buttermilk Falls State Park
  • Ithaca Farmers Market

In Syracuse, consider visiting attractions such as:

  • Armory Square
  • Destiny USA
  • Onondaga Lake Park

For a taste of the local dining scene, consider trying Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, located at 246 W Willow St, Syracuse, NY 13202. This well-known dining destination has been serving delicious barbecue since 1988 in downtown Syracuse.

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