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La Fortuna Night Walk in a High Biodiversity Rainforest


  • $55.00 per person

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of a biodiverse rainforest with the La Fortuna Night Walk. As twilight descends, the rainforest awakens with a symphony of nocturnal life, offering a rare opportunity to witness the enchanting creatures that come alive after dark. Led by expert guides, this captivating two-hour exploration unveils the secrets of the rainforest under the veil of night, where the air is alive with the calls of exotic creatures. Traverse winding paths through the lush foliage, encountering elusive wildlife such as sloths, frogs, and lizards, and gaining insight into the intricate ecosystems that thrive under the cover of darkness. The experience is enhanced by the knowledgeable guidance of certified naturalists, who share their expertise and passion for the rich biodiversity that flourishes in this captivating realm. A truly immersive encounter with the natural world, the La Fortuna Night Walk promises an unforgettable adventure into the mystical allure of the rainforest after sunset.

Key Features

  • Experience the enchanting nocturnal rainforest symphony
  • Expert-guided exploration of secretive rainforest secrets
  • Encounter elusive wildlife including sloths, frogs, and lizards
  • Insightful journey into the thriving nocturnal ecosystems
  • Immersive encounter with the mystical allure of the rainforest

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