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La Fortuna: Hanging Bridges, Arenal Volcano, and Falls Tour


  • $140.00 per person

Nestled within the lush embrace of tropical Costa Rica lies an enchanting adventure waiting to be discovered. Traverse the suspended pathways of the Hanging Bridges, immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Arenal Rainforest. As you wander through this verdant paradise, the symphony of exotic flora and fauna will captivate your senses, offering an intimate glimpse into the heart of nature.

Next, behold the majestic Arenal Volcano, an iconic natural wonder that exudes an aura of mystique and grandeur. As you venture closer, its imposing presence commands reverence, inviting you to unravel the secrets concealed within its volcanic terrain.

The crescendo of this extraordinary journey culminates at the La Fortuna Waterfall, where the cascading waters form a mesmerizing spectacle amidst the verdant surroundings. Feel the invigorating spray on your skin as you stand in awe of this natural masterpiece, a testament to the raw power and beauty of Costa Rica’s landscapes.

Embark on this immersive tour and uncover the untold wonders of La Fortuna’s Hanging Bridges, Arenal Volcano, and Falls, where every step unveils a new dimension of natural splendor.

Key Features

  • Traverse suspended pathways of Hanging Bridges in Arenal Rainforest
  • Encounter the iconic, majestic Arenal Volcano up close
  • Be captivated by the mesmerizing La Fortuna Waterfall
  • Immerse in the symphony of exotic flora and fauna
  • Uncover untold wonders of La Fortuna’s natural splendor

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