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Can You Bring Your Dog on a Greyhound Bus? Learn About Greyhound’s Pet Policy.

Have you ever wondered about taking your four-legged friend along on your bus journey? Whether you’re moving cross-country or exploring new landscapes, make sure you don’t leave your best buddy behind! This blog post is all about clarifying those Greyhound’s pet policies that often leave people in a state of confusion. Rest assured – we’ve got every canine-centered question answered. So buckle up, because it’s time to embark on a trip to understanding how exactly Greyhound Bus fits into your travel plans with your furry sidekick!

Unfortunately, Greyhound does not allow dogs or other pets on their buses unless it is a legitimate service animal accompanying a disabled person. For the comfort and safety of all passengers, Greyhound has established this policy.

can you bring a dog on a greyhound bus

Understanding Greyhound’s Dog Policy

For many, Greyhound is a popular mode of transportation that offers an affordable way to travel long distances nationwide. Dog owners might wonder if they can bring their furry friend on Greyhound buses. After all, who wants to leave their pup behind for days or even weeks?

Dog Size and Breed Restrictions

Greyhound has a strict pet policy and does not allow dogs onboard except in limited circumstances. They only allow service animals that assist people with disabilities, such as guide dogs. Owners must provide proper documentation during the booking process and at boarding.

With this being said, let’s explore the dog size and breed restrictions that Greyhound enforces.

  • According to a 2019 study, about 67% of American households, or about 85 million families, own a pet. This shows a potential high demand for pet-friendly transportation.
  • An analysis by CertaPet reveals that around 30% of all Americans have traveled with their pets in the last three years, emphasizing individuals’ inclinations to carry pets while commuting.
  • Statistics from an ASPCA survey indicate that over 78% of pet owners consider their pets as family members and would likely prefer services that accommodate their animals during travel.

Essential Documents for Your Dog

Unfortunately, Greyhound does not allow pets on board unless they are assistance animals or service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities. Therefore, there are no size or breed restrictions to keep in mind because all pets are prohibited.

Category Details
Service Animals Allowed
Pets Not Allowed

While it might be inconvenient for dog owners, it’s important to consider the safety of service animals and other passengers when traveling by bus. If you’re traveling and require pet-friendly accommodations, it might be best to research alternative transportation options or check out hotels that are dog-friendly at your final destination.

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Service Dogs on Greyhound Buses

If you’re planning on traveling with your dog on a Greyhound bus, you’ll need to ensure that they have all the necessary documents. Firstly, your dog must be up to date on their vaccinations and have a health certificate from the veterinarian to prove they’re healthy. Additionally, you should check your destination’s state laws for any specific requirements they might have.

It’s crucial to put these documents in an easy-to-reach location as staff members could ask for them at any point before or during the ride. Another essential document is identification tags with the owner’s name, current address and phone number.

Making sure your dog has all the paperwork can make the travel process smoother and avoid any last-minute mishaps.

Qualifications and Requirements for Service Dogs

Service dogs are allowed on Greyhound buses at no extra fee, provided it accompanies a disabled passenger as part of their service animal certification under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Staff members may ascertain if the dog is a service animal by asking two inquiries: whether the dog is required because of a disability and what task or function the dog is trained to perform.

According to Greyhound’s website, passengers aren’t required to show medical/identification cards for their service animal unless there’s visible evidence that it isn’t trained or behaves aggressively. This policy exists as per ADA guidelines which prohibit discrimination based on disability but allow verification when there’s a legitimate question regarding whether an animal qualifies as a service animal.

For instance, if an individual boards with a chihuahua claiming to be their service animal for anxiety relief, Greyhound staff can ask how performing specific tasks will assist them in alleviating symptoms.

Please note that pets apart from legitimate service animals are not allowed onboard. Greyhound’s pet policy aims towards ensuring safety and comfort for all passengers throughout its network of destinations.

Having established Greyhound’s service animal policy, let’s move on to the necessary qualifications and requirements for service dogs.

  • Greyhound allows service dogs on their buses at no additional charge, as long as they are certified as part of the passenger’s service animal certification under ADA. Staff may ask two inquiries to verify if the dog is a service animal: whether it is necessary due to a disability, and what tasks or functions it is trained to perform. Passengers do not need to provide medical/identification cards for their service animal, unless there is visible evidence that the animal is not trained or behaves aggressively. This policy is in line with ADA guidelines, which prohibit discrimination but allow verification when there are legitimate concerns about an animal’s qualification as a service animal. Pets other than legitimate service animals are not allowed onboard Greyhound buses. The pet policy aims to ensure safety and comfort for all passengers.

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Greyhound’s Policy on Other Pets

Greyhound is a well-established entity with rules and regulations set in place to ensure safe and comfortable travel for all passengers. Therefore, before going any further, it’s important to understand Greyhound’s service dog policy.

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog on Greyhound

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service dogs are trained animals used to assist individuals with disabilities or medical problems. These animals receive extensive training to carry out specific duties that other pets cannot perform, such as guiding blind people.

At Greyhound, trained Service Animals accompanied by customers with disabilities are allowed to travel on all of their buses. However, before boarding the bus, the passenger needs to present valid documentation certifying their animal as a trained service dog for individuals with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As per their Customers with Disabilities Policy, they indeed recognize a wide array of disability impairments including but not limited to physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability types.

Such acceptance shows that Greyhound values its patrons’ safety while ensuring that everyone gets equal opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean that Greyhound allows other animals on board.