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5 Best Christian Travel Groups to Know

Whether for travel advice, help, or prayer, there are several Christian travel groups worth joining.

There are many travel websites out there covering every facet of travel from domestic travel to international. But, as a Christian, I’m often looking for more specific types of information. What trips and excursions are Christian tours? Where should I stay? How can I stay safe while I’m abroad? Is there someone I can talk to?

Well, here is a list of sites full of useful Christian travel information, some of which even book your trip for you.

Best Christian Travel Groups to Know

1. Christian Travel Fellowship

Christian Travel Fellowship Homepage
Christian Travel Fellowship / Christian Travel Fellowship

CFF is a fellowship of evangelical Christians who travel internationally. They provide travel tips for Christians who are traveling internationally. They offer frequent email newsletters with destination recommendations, Bible study guides, articles, and videos.

For those traveling domestically, CFF offers a quarterly magazine of practical help and inspirational ideas.

Christian travel fellowship organizes trips year-round for small groups. With four different tour options to choose from, you are sure to find a trip that is right for you.

The small groups visit places like Grand Canyon, New York, Florida, Belize, and Arizona. The CFF trips typically consist of around 20-30 participants.

CFF offers fellowship activities between the group meetings. Activities range from sightseeing to talent shows to mission trips to playing games. These activities are aimed at bringing the group closer together.

You can request a tour for as low as $400. For $350 you can add meals and hotel accommodations.

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2. From the Garden

A blog written by pastors and missionaries, The Garden Journal has local travel advice, spiritual insights, and stories. It also offers Christian devotional articles, sermons, book reviews, and podcasts.

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3. Christian Travel by Faith

FaithTrips is a non-profit Christian travel organization that helps Christians travel more and do more. They offer travel tips, destination information, and blog posts.

They offer three membership options, Basic, Premium, and Concierge. With the Basic membership, you will receive weekly email updates with travel tips and advice. For $10 per month or $20 per year, you can add trips in your schedule.

The Premium membership includes all of these benefits. Concierge members receive full concierge service with personal assistance, tips, and support.

So far, FaithTrips has organized trips to more than 50 countries on six continents. Members have stayed at resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba, Scotland, France, Greece, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy, Scotland, and the Bahamas.

There are many benefits of traveling with FaithTrips. In addition to enriching your experiences, you will grow in your faith and become closer in your relationship with Christ.

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4. The Thorn Tree

A Christian travel blog, The Thorn Tree features Bible-based travel tips and articles. They also have trip and destination guides, trip reports, answers to common questions, and an extensive Christian travel library.

In March 2016, the site launched an online shop for Christian travelers. The store sells Christian t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, bags, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, magnets, postcards, travel guides, and travel planners.

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5. The Christian Traveler

The Christian Traveler Homepage
The Christian Traveler / The Christian Traveler

The Christian Traveler offers Christian trip reviews, inspirational travel stories, articles, videos and Christian travel advice. There are trip recommendations, such as, the “The Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway,” a list of 15 European cities and “5 Reasons to Visit Israel.”

The Christian Traveler publishes several seasonal email newsletters, such as, the “Courageous” and “Paradise” newsletters.

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