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15 Best Day Trips from Munich: Destinations to Explore

Munich, the vibrant capital of Bavaria, is a bustling city filled with history and culture and the perfect starting point for numerous memorable day trips. Surrounded by large picturesque towns, medieval castles, and stunning natural landscapes, Munich offers many exciting excursions that cater to different interests and preferences.

From the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle to the charming city of Salzburg, travelers can immerse themselves in the rich history and amazing beauty of Germany and its neighboring countries.

Many of these destinations are easily accessible by train or car, making them perfect for a day trip from the city. Here are 15 of the best day trips from Munich that allow visitors to explore enchanting half-timbered towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the amazing natural features region’s awe-inspiring natural features, all while experiencing the unique charm and allure of Bavaria and beyond.

Best Day Trips from Munich, Germany

Munich offers a range of fascinating day trips for those looking to explore the region. This section will cover the top 15 destinations worth considering for a memorable excursion.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle
yorgen67 / Adobe Stock

This iconic castle, positioned among the Bavarian Alps, inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. King Ludwig II built it, showcasing his passion for the arts and whimsical architecture.

2. Linderhof Palace

Majestic Linderhof Palace
saiko3p / Adobe Stock

Another impressive creation of King Ludwig II, Linderhof Palace, is a lavish Rococo-style residence surrounded by stunning gardens, fountains, and parkland.

3. Salzburg

Salzburg castle from afar
JFL / Adobe Stock

Salzburg, a charming Austrian city near the German border, is known for its baroque architecture and romantic Old Town and as the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

4. Berchtesgaden

Picturesque coastal tow n in Berchtesgaden
elxeneize / Adobe Stock

Located in the Bavarian Alps, Berchtesgaden is home to the Eagle’s Nest, a historic site offering incredible alpine views. The town is also close to the Königssee, an emerald-green lake perfect for scenic boat trips.

5. Herrenchiemsee Palace

Monuments outside the Herrenchiemsee Palace
Julia / Adobe Stock

Situated on an island in Lake Chiemsee, Herrenchiemsee Palace was another of King Ludwig II’s ambitious projects. The Palace of Versailles inspired this new palace,, featuring a hall of mirrors and lavish staterooms.

6. Nuremberg

Nuremberg cityscape view
fottoo / Adobe Stock

Rich in history, Nuremberg boasts a striking medieval old town with attractions like the historic Kaiserburg Castle, Albrecht Dürer’s House, and the Hauptmarkt, the medieval city itself’s bustling central square.

7. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber during sunset
Anja Völker / Adobe Stock

This well-preserved medieval town on the Romantic Road is known for its half-timbered houses, historic city walls, and charming market square featuring the iconic Ratstrinkstube clock tower.

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8. Regensburg

Regensburg at sunrise
Steve / Adobe Stock

Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage city, boasts a magnificent medieval old town, the stunning St. Peter’s Cathedral, and the historic Stone Bridge.

9. Augsburg

Augsburg in Germany
uslatar / Adobe Stock

Augsburg is Germany’s third-oldest city, famous for its Renaissance architecture, featuring attractions like the Fuggerei, the world’s oldest social housing complex, and the stunning Augsburg Cathedral.

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10. Wurzburg

Würzburg Sunrise
Belichtungsquartier / Adobe Stock

This picturesque city on the Main River is known for its impressive baroque architecture, such as the Würzburg Residence, and as the starting point for the Romantic Road.

11. Ulm

Ulm Minster Church
saiko3p / Adobe Stock

Located on the Danube River, Ulm is home to the world’s tallest church steeple, Ulm Minster, and a charming old town with half-timbered houses and cobbled streets.

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12. Zugspitze

Zugspitze majestic lake view
Andrew Mayovskyy / Adobe Stock

As Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze offers stunning panoramic Alps views. Visitors can reach the summit by cable car and enjoy a range of outdoor activities, such as skiing and hiking.

13. Chiemsee

Chiemsee lake in spring
fottoo / Adobe Stock

Known as the “Bavarian Sea,” Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria, offering a range of water sports, island hopping, and sightseeing opportunities at the Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee islands.

14. Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp
fottoo / Adobe Stock

A thought-provoking and historically significant day trip, Dachau Concentration Camp serves as a Holocaust and memorial site, educating visitors on the atrocities committed during World War II.

15. Innsbruck

Innsbruck cityscape, Austria
adisa / Adobe Stock

Situated in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region. It offers visitors a mix of historic architecture, such as the Imperial Palace and Golden Roof, and outdoor activities in the surrounding mountains.

Planning Your Day Trip

When planning a day trip from Munich, various factors must be considered. This section will cover public transport options and help you decide between a guided tour and independent travel. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your trip.

Public Transport Options

Munich has an efficient and extensive public transport system, making it convenient to explore nearby attractions. You can opt for trains, buses, or a combination depending on your chosen destination. Some popular day trips and their corresponding public transport options are:

  • Neuschwanstein Castle – a train ride to Füssen, followed by a bus transfer to the castle.
  • Salzburg – direct trains connecting Munich to this Austrian city in around 2 hours.
  • Rothenburg – travel by train with a transfer to either Augsburg or Ansbach.
  • Regensburg – direct trains take around 1.5 hours from Munich.

It’s crucial to check timetables, plan your routes, and book tickets to avoid delays or complications during your journey.

Guided Tours vs. Independent Travel

When experiencing the best day trips from Munich, you can choose between joining a guided tour and exploring independently. Both options have pros and cons, which should be considered based on your preferences and priorities.

Guided tours offer a hassle-free experience, as transportation, entrance fees, and often meals are included in the package. You will also have the assistance of an expert guide, who can provide valuable insights into the attractions and their historical background.

Alternatively, independent travel allows greater flexibility and freedom to tailor your itinerary according to your interests and pace. Allocate time to time at the most captivating places or even make last-minute changes to your plans. If you decide to travel independently, thorough research and preparation are crucial to ensure a smooth trip.

Whether you choose a guided tour or independent travel, Munich provides a wealth of fascinating day trip options that cater to several interests and preferences.

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Other Places to Explore in Bavaria

Bavaria has numerous picturesque towns, historical places, and beautiful landscapes. This section will explore five additional destinations worth visiting during your time in the region.


Old town Bamberg in Bavaria, Germany
feel good studio / Adobe Stock

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg is known for its well-preserved old town and its unique blend of architectural styles. The town features impressive buildings like the Bamberg Cathedral, the Alte Hofhaltung, and the historic town hall. While wandering the captivating avenues, don’t miss trying the local beer specialty, “Rauchbier,” a smoked beer.


Herkulesbrunnen Bayreuth
Jan Schüler / Adobe Stock

Bayreuth is a town renowned for its historical ties to music and culture, most notably as the home of Richard Wagner’s annual Bayreuth Festival. While attending a performance, visitors can the free imperial city and explore the Margravial Opera House, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the beautiful Eremitage Palace and its surrounding gardens.


Town in Altötting
Joe Graetz / Adobe Stock

Altötting is an important Catholic pilgrimage site and has been a spiritual center for over 1,000 years. The old town hall is most famous for its Chapel of Grace, which houses a centuries-old statue of the Black Madonna. The area also offers a few beautiful baroque churches and monasteries to explore.


fottoo / Adobe Stock

Ingolstadt offers a mix of history, technology, and natural beauty. The city is home to the German Museum for the History of Medicine, the impressive Asam Church, and the headquarters of renowned car manufacturer Audi. Visitors can tour the Audi Museum or even take a day trip to the nearby Altmühl Valley Nature Park for scenic hiking and cycling routes.


Stadtansicht mit Burg, Burghausen
traveldia / Adobe Stock

Burghausen boasts Europe’s longest castle, Burg zu Burghausen, which stretches over almost a half kilometer. The castle offers an impressive view of the border between Germany and Austria and the picturesque Old Town below. Visitors can explore the castle complex and admire the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Outdoor Activities and Nature

Munich’s surrounding areas offer many outdoor activities and amazing natural scenery for excursionists seeking adventure and picturesque landscapes. It is an explorer’s dream, from the majestic Alps to serene lakes.

Alpine Scenery

Alpine Scenery in Spring
khomlyak / Adobe Stock

Checking out the Berchtesgaden National Park is a must for those fascinated by splendid alpine landscapes. This park is home to Germany’s second-highest peak, Watzmann, and offers stunning panoramic views of the Alps. Additionally, Königssee, a jade-green fjordlike lake, is positioned within the park and is perfect for a peaceful boat ride.

Hiking and Walking Trails

Hiking enthusiasts will find a diverse range of trails in the region. The natural monument of Partnachklamm Gorge, with its dramatic waterfalls and lush greenery, offers an unforgettable hike along a 700-meter-long gorge. Similarly, the trails within Berchtesgaden National Park cater to various skill levels, making it an ideal destination for amateur and experienced hikers.

Lakes and Mountains

Visitors seeking serene lake views and mountainous landscapes can spend a day exploring the small Herreninsel Island on Chiemsee Lake. Boasting picturesque gardens and a royal castle, it is accessible via regular ferry service. Lakes like Walchensee provide a tranquil escape amidst clear waters and tree-covered mountains.

The lakes and mountains in the surrounding areas offer opportunities for swimming, water sports, and even paragliding, appealing to leisure and thrill-seeking adventurers.

Historical and Cultural Highlights

Group of hikers exploring

When exploring the best day trips from Munich, historical and cultural highlights abound, offering visitors of middle ages a chance to connect with the past while marveling at architectural wonders and compelling stories.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A few UNESCO World Heritage Sites are close to Munich, making them ideal destinations for day trips. Regensburg, for example, is a city that dates back to Roman times and features well-preserved and beautiful medieval old town and city gates, along with the Walhalla memorial on its outskirts. Other UNESCO sites worth visiting include the picturesque old town of Bamberg, famous for its half-timbered houses, artisanal beer, and the historically rich Bayreuth.

Mozart’s Influence

A day trip to Salzburg, Austria, allows visitors to dive into the life and work of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Explore his birthplace and museum, walk the beautiful avenues of the historic old town, and take in the musical atmosphere that continues to honor his legacy.

Gothic Churches and Architecture

The Romantic Road, a route that stretches through a range of Bavarian cities and towns, is an excellent choice for those seeking exceptional Gothic architecture. Visit the iconic Ulm Münster, a stunning gothic cathedral with the world’s tallest steeple, and the Schleissheim Palace, known for its elegant beauty. Along the Danube River, explore impressive city halls and solemn museums, while in Altötting, the spiritual heart of Bavaria, visit historical churches and shrines.

Eagle’s Nest and World War II History

A trip to Berchtesgaden offers those interested in World War II history the opportunity to visit the Eagle’s Nest, Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat, and delve deeper into historical events. This destination is also perfect for exploring the stunning alpine landscapes of Germany and Austria.

These historical and cultural highlights provide an enriching and diverse experience for visitors taking day trips from Munich, showcasing the best of the region’s past and present.

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Where To Stay

When planning your day trips from Munich, finding the right accommodation that suits your preferences and budget is crucial. This section will guide you through options for hotels near Munich and recommended accommodations.

Hotels Near Munich

A range of hotels in and around Munich provides easy access to the city’s main attractions and transport connections for day trips. Some critical areas to consider for accommodation include the city center, near the central train station (Hauptbahnhof), or in nearby towns such as Augsburg or Ingolstadt.

Choosing a hotel near the train station is especially useful for those planning multiple-day trips, as it offers convenient access to train connections throughout Bavaria and beyond. Moreover, staying in nearby towns can sometimes be more budget-friendly and provide a different experience of the Bavarian lifestyle.

Recommended Accommodations

Here is a list of some highly-rated accommodations in Munich and surrounding areas that cater to different budgets and preferences:

  • Luxury: Hotel Bayerischer Hof – A renowned five-star hotel at the core of Munich, offering lavish rooms, fine dining, and excellent amenities.
  • Mid-range: Courtyard by Marriott Munich City Center – A modern and comfortable hotel close to the Hauptbahnhof, providing easy access to day trip destinations.
  • Budget: Motel One Munich City West – An affordable yet stylish option located near public transport links, making it convenient for day trips.
  • Nearby towns: Steigenberger Hotel Drei Mohren in Augsburg – A historic hotel in the charming city of Augsburg, just a 30-minute train ride from Munich.

When selecting your accommodation, consider proximity to transport connections, amenities, and overall ambiance to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay while exploring the best of Munich and its surroundings on day trips.

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