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15 Best Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is an amazing place to visit. It’s such a unique city, so different to the rest of Europe. There are so many things to do in Copenhagen, from Christiansborg Palace to Rosenborg Castle and everything in between, it’s easy to lose track because of how many things there are to do.

So here is a list of the best things to do in Copenhagen, so you can make sure not to miss any of the key highlights and attractions.

Best Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Christiansborg Palace

View of the Christiansborg Palace from afar
Image: ttinu / Adobe Stock

Address: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark

Christiansborg Palace is one of the first things you should do in Copenhagen. It’s the home of the Danish parliament and it’s definitely worth checking out. You can walk in the courtyard and take lots of nice photos.

Another great thing about Christiansborg is that you can go to the top of Christiansborg Tower free of charge (Note: there is a security check similar to that in an airport) and get a beautiful view over Copenhagen. This is a cool free thing to do in Copenhagen, which is always welcome as Copenhagen is expensive

2. Rosenborg Castle

Front view of the Rosenberg castle

Address: Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København, Denmark

One of Copenhagen’s main attractions is Rosenborg Castle. Within Rosenborg Castle are the royal family’s coronation thrones along with the crown jewels. It’s worth visiting to see the crowns alone, they are so impressive.

Rosenborg Castle itself is also absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the surrounding gardens which make for a very nice walk. If you can visit Rosenborg during the changing of the guards, it’s a spectacle, to say the least.

3. Take photos at Nyhavn

Colored houses align the Nyhavn street in Copenhagen

Address: København, Denmark

Nyhavn is arguably the most popular attraction in Copenhagen. It’s the colored houses on postcards; on travel brochures, that come up when you Google “Copenhagen”. If you like the pictures, you’ll love them in real life. Copenhagen is worth visiting to see Nyhavn alone, the whole street is so pretty. Take the Copenhagen canal tour to enjoy the sights. Of course, it makes for a great spot to take some photos of your own. Photos are night are particularly special. 

4. Amelianborg

Man on a horse monument in front of Amelianborg castle
Image: Michael Barkmann / Adobe Stock

Address: Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K, Denmar

Another great thing to do in Copenhagen is to head to Amelianborg. It’s the Queen of Denmark’s winter palace and it’s an extremely impressive building, both inside and out. The outside is the definition of royalty, it looks amazing. You can go inside for a tour of the palace, provided the Queen isn’t doing something important that means you can’t visit. 

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5. Enjoy Yourself at Tivoli Gardens

Tower on top of the rock in the middle of the sea
Image: LP2Studio / Adobe Stock

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens is one of the main attractions and a reason a lot of people come to Copenhagen. There are so many great rides and excellent places to eat, it’s a magical place. Especially during the Christmas season, when Tivoli transforms the whole park into a huge Santa’s grotto and Winter Wonderland. It’s so special, and you will make life-long memories at Tivoli Gardens. 

6. Take a Canal tour

Canal tour in Copenhagen
Image: Adobe Stock

Address: Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen is to take a canal tour. The canals run through the heart of Copenhagen which means you are able to see many of the main tourist attractions from the canals. It’s a relaxing experience and a worthwhile one too, for example, seeing Nyhavn from the canal offers a unique perspective on the houses. 

7. Walk to the top of The Round Tower

Red door at The Round Tower

Address: Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København, Denmark

The Round Tower offers a beautiful panoramic view over Copenhagen, you are able to see the iconic orange look of Copenhagen as well as the many spires the city is home to. The view is unbelievable, and the walk to the top is manageable as it isn’t too steep, it’s a constant and gradual incline. 

8. Copenhagen Zoo

Brown panda bear in a rock at copenhagen zoo
Image: Adobe Stock

Address: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

If you are visiting Copenhagen with kids, or are simply an animal lover, Copenhagen Zoo is a place you should visit. It’s one of the best zoos in the world. They even have panda bears! It makes for a great day out. There are also lots of food stalls and cafes too, so you can make a day out of it. 

9. The Little Mermaid

Green little mermaid monument at Copenhagen

Address: Langelinie, 2100 København Ø, Denmark

Another iconic tourist attraction in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid. The 100-year-old statue attracts hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tourists each day. It makes for a great photo spot, especially at sunrise or sunset. Having the statue with the canal in the background along with a colorful sky, it’s destined to create some good pics. 

10. National Museum of Denmark

Entrance to the National Museum of Denmark
Image: Adobe Stock

Address: Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København K, Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The museum showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of Denmark, from the Stone Age to the modern era. Visitors can see artifacts and exhibits covering everything from Viking history to contemporary Danish design.

11. Church of our Saviour 

Nuuk cathedral in baroque style in Copenhagen
Image: Adobe Stock

Address: Sankt Annæ Gade 29, 1416 København, Denmark

One of the most iconic spires in Copenhagen is the Church of our Saviour. The Church of Our Saviour is a baroque-style church with a spiral tower that also provides panoramic views of the city. You can climb the 400 steps to the top of the tower for an unforgettable experience. The spire is also pretty recognizable during the Canal Tour.

12. Copenhagen Opera House

Front view of the Opera House in Copenhagen

Address: Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 København K, Denmark

The Copenhagen Opera House is one of the most striking buildings in the city. The modern building boasts a sleek design and provides a home for the Royal Danish Opera. You can choose to simply admire the architecture, or you can take a tour of the building, attend a performance, and even enjoy a meal in the on-site restaurant.

13. Take a tour of Carlsberg Brewery

Golden distillery machines at Carlsberg Brewery in Copanhagen
Image: Adobe Stock

Address: DänemarkQaaaa, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, 2500 København, Denmark

Carlsberg is a beer famous all around the world. For these beer lovers, a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery is a must. Visitors can learn about the history of Carlsberg beer and how it is made, as well as taste some of the brews. The tour includes a visit to the old brewery, which has been preserved as a museum. Note: This is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2023. 

14. Eat some Danish Pastries

Delicious danish pastries at a local pastry shop in Copenhagen

Address: Thorshavnsgade 26, 2300 København S, Denmark

Denmark is famous for Danish Pastries, and they are absolutely delicious. So if you are in search of things to do in Copenhagen, simply head to a local bakery and see what they have on offer. The pastries can get pretty pricey but they are more than worth it. They are mouth-wateringly good!

15. Join a bike tour

Tourists lined up for a bike tour in Copenhagen
Copenhagen 3-hour City Highlights Bike Tour /

Address: Njalsgade 10, 2200 København, Denmark

And last but not least, taking a bike tour is a must-do thing in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world. It’s the way all the locals get around the city, pretty much every road has a cycle lane. Bike tours are a great way to see any city but Copenhagen is extra great, for these reasons. You are able to see all of the main sights as you can move quickly on a bike. And of course, it’s pretty fun too.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the best things to do in Copenhagen. It’s a wonderful city and a perfect city break option. You are guaranteed to have a great time, regardless of what you choose to do. Whether you opt for a canal tour or a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery, hopefully, you will have an amazing time in Copenhagen.

Enjoy your trip!

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