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From Brussels: Ghent and Bruges Day Tour


Immerse yourself in the medieval majesty and rich historical heritage of two of Belgium’s most captivating cities on the Ghent and Bruges Day Tour. Departing from the heart of Brussels, this full-day adventure offers a seamless journey through the picturesque Belgian countryside to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ghent, where the city’s stunning architecture and charming canals await. Discover the hidden gems of Ghent, from its medieval castle to the iconic Gravensteen fortress, as you delve into the city’s fascinating past. Then, venture to the fairytale city of Bruges, where cobbled streets, historic churches, and serene canals create an enchanting atmosphere. Uncover the secrets of Bruges’ medieval past as you wander through its well-preserved streets and savor the delightful local cuisine. With expert guides leading the way and ample time to explore at your leisure, this day tour promises an unforgettable journey through Belgium’s timeless treasures.

Key Features

  • Seamless journey through picturesque Belgian countryside
  • Expert guides leading the way
  • Discover hidden gems of Ghent and Bruges
  • Ample time to explore at your leisure
  • Unforgettable journey through Belgium’s timeless treasures

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