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Q13 Bus Schedule: What You Need to Know

Do you want to avoid waiting at the bus stop, unsure when your ride will arrive? Have you ever missed your bus because you didn’t know the schedule? If you are a frequent rider of the Q13 bus, you’ll be glad to hear that we have the latest updates on its agenda.

Our comprehensive guide lets you plan your commute efficiently, ensuring you never have to worry about missing your ride. So, whether heading to work, school or running errands, read on to learn everything you need about the bus schedule.

Overview Of The Q13 Bus Route In New York City

The Q13 bus route in New York City is a convenient transportation option for residents and visitors alike. It covers a significant area in Queens, connecting neighborhoods and providing access to various amenities and attractions.

Day Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
Monday 08:00 08:35 35 minutes
Tuesday 08:00 08:35 35 minutes
Wednesday 08:00 08:35 35 minutes
Thursday 08:00 08:35 35 minutes
Friday 08:00 08:35 35 minutes

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List Of Significant Stops Along The Route

Bus stop sign

Knowing the significant stops is crucial if you plan to ride the Q13 bus in New York significantly. Holidays a list of some crucial stops or flushing on the bus schedule:

  • Totten Av/Cross Island Pkwy
  • 39 Av/138 St
  • Northern Bl/Union St
  • Northern Bl/Bowne St
  • Northern Bl/Parsons Bl


  • Neck Glenwood St
  • Main St Station
  • Little Neck Glenwood St

These stops are vital landmarks that can guide your journey and make it easier to navigate the city. Knowing these significant stops will help you stay on track during your Q13 bus ride, whether heading to work, meeting friends, or exploring new neighborhoods.

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Operating Hours

travel time zone

The Q13 bus in New York City operates during specific hours to ensure convenient transportation for passengers. Here are the operating hours of the Q13 bus:

  • Weekdays: The bus operates around 5:30 AM and continues service until approximately 1:00 AM the next day.
  • Weekends: The Q13 bus runs on a slightly different schedule during weekends. It begins its service at around 6:00 AM and operates until approximately 1:00 AM.

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Importance Of Staying Informed

Inside a bus

Staying informed about the bus schedule is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free commute in New York City. Knowing the operating hours and significant stops along the route allows you to plan your journey effectively and avoid unnecessary delays.

Likewise, you get to discover what traveling amenities you may need while on the journey. Knowing the bus schedule also helps you avoid missing the bus and experiencing long waiting times at the stops. This information lets you confidently rely on the entire bus schedule for daily transportation.

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