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San Salvador: Half-Day City Tour


  • $55.00 per person

Explore the rich tapestry of San Salvador’s history and culture on a captivating half-day city tour. Delve into the heart of this dynamic city, where colonial streets intertwine with modern avenues, offering a glimpse into the diverse heritage of the Republic of El Salvador. Wander through the Centro Historico, where architectural marvels stand as testaments to the city’s resilience and evolution. Uncover the secrets of the main squares, adorned with stunning buildings and pulsating with the rhythm of daily life. Discover the enchanting fusion of past and present as you traverse the residential streets, immersing yourself in the authentic ambiance of local neighborhoods. From the bustling energy of the markets to the tranquil elegance of the plazas, every corner of San Salvador tells a story waiting to be heard. With knowledgeable guides leading the way, this half-day tour promises an enriching experience, offering a fresh perspective on this captivating city.

Key Features

  • Explore rich tapestry of history and culture
  • Wander through Centro Historico’s architectural marvels
  • Uncover secrets of main squares and local neighborhoods
  • Experience the enchanting fusion of past and present
  • Knowledgeable guides provide fresh perspective on the city

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