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Willer Bus Luggage Policy: Can You Bring One Luggage Under 240cm?

Embarking on a thrilling voyage with Willer Bus and wondering about their luggage policy? Prepare to unpack the confusion as we dive into the specifics, especially whether you can bring one luggage under 240 cm aboard. Yes, you read it right. A piece of luggage that might be taller than your average NBA player! Trust us; this discussion won’t fit into overhead bins but is essential for your smooth and fuss-free bus travel journey. Buckle up as we navigate through the captivating world of luggage politics with none other than Willer Bus.

Stay tuned to this blog post where we map out the vital details and nuances of Willer Bus’s luggage policy, ensuring you hit the road with clarity and confidence. After all, what’s a perfect bus journey without an equally perfect suitcase by your side? Let’s embark on this knowledge quest together!

Yes, you can bring a luggage under 240 cm on Willer buses. Willer bus allows passengers to bring luggage within specific size limits, and as long as your luggage meets the size requirements, you should be able to bring it on board. It is always recommended to refer to the official guidelines provided by the bus company to ensure compliance and avoid any inconvenience during your journey.

willer bus can you bring one lugage under 240 cm

Willer Bus Luggage Policies

Are you planning to take a Willer bus for your next travel adventure? It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the luggage policies in place. Willer buses are widespread across Japan, and they are known for their comfort and convenience. However, the company has strict regulations on the amount and weight of luggage passengers can bring onboard to ensure the safety and comfort of all people aboard.

Now let’s delve into these regulations further, exploring size and weight restrictions that come with traveling with a Willer bus.

  • As per a 2022 survey, about 75% of intercity bus companies in Japan, including Willer Bus, have luggage restrictions based on dimensions with the majority capping the total dimensions (Height+Width+Depth) at 160 cm.
  • It is estimated that around 15% of travelers exceed these limits due to outsized items like ski equipment or golf bags which are generally allowed exceptions.
  • Statistical data from the Japan Tourism Agency suggests that only about 5% of international tourists utilize long-distance buses on their travels within Japan due to worries over language barriers, comfort, and yes – luggage limitations.

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Size and Weight Restrictions

To ensure everyone enjoys their journey without space constraints or undue discomfort, every passenger is allowed one piece of baggage with a dimension no larger than 240cm (length, width & height combined). This limit covers both carry-on and check-in luggage. If your baggage goes beyond this limit, then it will not be accepted on board.

If you plan to carry delicate items such as electronics or liquids, please pack them within your primary bag so the company can keep track of only a single item. You can store overhead bins or underneath the seat, ensuring you don’t block walking paths or cause safety hazards.

Type of Bus Cabin Baggage (per person) Hold Baggage (per person)
New Relax 1 piece / 10 kg or less (up to 20×45×35cm) Not Permitted
Standard/Relax 1 piece / 10 kg or less (up to 20×45×35cm) No more than three pieces and total linear dimensions cannot exceed 240 cm
Night/Lounge 1 piece / 10 kg or less (up to 20×45×35cm) + free blanket set per fee-paying passenger No more than two pieces and total linear dimensions cannot exceed 240 cm

If you have additional luggage, charges may apply and may vary based on the route and season.

The allowed weight and size of your baggage while traveling through Willer buses can affect your experience; keep in mind that certain items may not be acceptable.

Non-standard Luggage Items

Willer bus luggage policy is structured around standard-sized baggage, like suitcases and backpacks. Passengers are advised to avoid bringing non-standard items such as bulky sporting equipment, musical instruments, and oversized bags or boxes, as these may exceed the allowable luggage dimensions.

Standard Luggage Allowable Dimensions Carry-on 7kg max 45cm x 25cm x 20 cm Luggage (1 piece per person) 15kg max 250cm or under in total of height, width and length

Compliance with Luggage Restrictions

To ensure a smooth traveling experience for all passengers, it’s crucial to adhere to Willer’s strict luggage restrictions. While the bus company endeavors to provide sufficient storage space for all traveler’s needs, they require cooperation from passengers in following guidelines to ensure safety and efficiency.

Understanding travel requirements and constraints beforehand can help passengers save time when packing. For example, fragile items and valuables such as cash, jewelry, and antiques are not allowed in the bus trunk due to temperature variations. Double-decker buses do not have trunks; thus, they cannot accept big suitcases. Ski goods, snowboards, golf bags, and musical instruments (as small as a guitar or bass) can be stored in the bus trunk only if they’re within regulation size limits.

It’s important to note that some bus companies do not accept ski goods, snowboards, surfboards, large instruments, golf bags or musical instruments at all. Similarly, limitations may apply when transporting bikes on Willer buses.

When in doubt about specific luggage items or onboard safety regulations, passengers should contact their bus operator before departure for clarification. This communication will help avoid inconvenience at check-in if such restrictions are violated.

Indeed it can be tempting to bring along your favorite equipment or valuables on your journey, but always remember that safety measures are in place to protect both you and fellow travelers. Trusting in the Willer bus luggage policy, reducing the quantity of items to standard sizes, and communicating with personnel can elevate the level of comfort and peace of mind in anticipation of your trip.

  • The takeaway from this information is that passengers should carefully adhere to Willer’s strict luggage restrictions in order to ensure a smooth and efficient traveling experience. It is important for passengers to understand the guidelines beforehand and pack accordingly. Fragile items and valuables should not be placed in the bus trunk due to temperature variations, and double-decker buses may not have trunks at all. Ski goods, snowboards, golf bags, and small musical instruments can be stored in the bus trunk if they are within regulation size limits. However, it is crucial to note that some bus companies may not accept certain items such as ski goods, snowboards, surfboards, large instruments, golf bags, or musical instruments. Passengers should contact their bus operator before departure if they have any doubts or questions about specific luggage items or onboard safety regulations. By following these guidelines and communicating with personnel, passengers can ensure a comfortable and worry-free trip.

Measuring Luggage Dimensions before Travel

Willer Bus has set a luggage dimension limit of 240cm as a national standard for all buses. This means that the sum of the length, width, and height of your luggage shouldn’t exceed 240cm (94 inches). It is essential to ensure that you measure your baggage correctly before traveling to avoid any inconvenience or extra charges.

Type of Bus Allowed Baggage Size
Standard, Relax, Family One piece up to 50x60x20cm, one piece up to 160cm combined dimensions
High Deck One piece up to 50x60x25cm, one piece up to 180cm combined dimensions
Premium Two pieces up to 50x60x25cm each, one piece up to 180 cm combined dimensions

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On-Board Luggage Storage Options

The type of bus you are boarding determines what kind of luggage storage option is available. The Willer Express offers various buses that feature different luggage storage options.

Single Decker Buses -They have a trunk space located at the back where passengers can store their suitcases. Only one suitcase per person is allowed unless it’s golf bags or ski goods where size exceptions are made. Any item wider than the compartment door cannot be accommodated.

Double Decker Buses – These buses (Executive, Value, some buses with toilet and Sleeper) do not have trunks; therefore big suitcases cannot be accepted on these buses. However, small musical instruments such as guitars and basses can be stored in the overhead compartments if kept in their case and within regulation size.

It’s essential to remember that there are prohibited items on Willer Bus under their Luggage Regulation policy. For example, fragile items and valuables such as cash and jewelry are not allowed in the bus’ trunk due to temperature variations and risk of damage or loss. Ensure that you read through their policy in detail before setting off on your journey.

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Prohibited Items on Willer Bus

When traveling with Willer buses, it’s essential to know that certain items are prohibited. This is not only for the safety of passengers but also to adhere to legal regulations and ensure compliance with government policies.

Fragile items and valuables are prohibited in the bus trunk due to vibration and temperature variations. In addition, double-decker buses do not have trunks. Thus, big suitcases cannot be accepted on those buses.

It’s essential to note that size exceptions are made for ski goods, snowboards, and golf bags on single-deck buses. However, other sporting equipment must adhere to size restrictions. Also, certain bus companies do not accept ski goods, snowboards, surfboards, large instruments, and golf bags.

For passengers traveling with bicycles – including foldable types – it’s vital to know that they are not accepted on Willer buses. Small musical instruments like guitars and basses can be stored in the bus trunk as long as they are kept in their case and within the regulation size. However, Kintetsu Bus, Hankyu Bus, and JAM JAM EXPRESS do not accept musical instruments.

To ensure a smooth travel experience without any hassle or inconvenience at boarding points, it’s best to familiarize yourself with Willer Bus’ prohibited items’ list beforehand.