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Private – Punta del Este City Tour for Cruisers


Beautiful coast with pristine blue waters at Punta del Este

Explore the allure of Punta del Este on a private city tour tailored for cruisers, offering an exclusive glimpse into the region’s captivating charm. Delight in the sophisticated ambiance as you traverse the chic streets and iconic landmarks, discovering the esteemed “Monaco of South America.” Immerse yourself in the artistic flair of the area, strolling along Gorlero Avenue and Artigas Square, where local craftsmanship and culture converge. Witness the whimsical sculptures adorning Playa Brava, a beach renowned for its unspoiled beauty and sailboat-dotted shores. Marvel at the iconic La Mano sculpture and absorb the breathtaking views from the lighthouse, capturing the essence of this coastal gem. With personalized attention and insider knowledge, this private tour ensures an enriching experience, providing a deeper understanding of Punta del Este’s unique character and allure. From its scenic vistas to its artistic treasures, this tailored excursion promises an unforgettable exploration of this esteemed destination.

Key Features

  • Exclusive private tour tailored for cruisers
  • Discover the sophisticated ambiance and iconic landmarks
  • Immerse in local craftsmanship and culture
  • Marvel at whimsical sculptures and breathtaking coastal views
  • Personalized attention and insider knowledge for an enriching experience

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