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5 Best Day Trips from Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina is a great place to be if you are planning a vacation. There is a mix of nature, history, and art. It is good to know that there are plenty of places to explore if you are staying a little longer than a few days. So where should you go? Here are the best day trips from Greenville, South Carolina which we think are worth doing.

Try the Mountains

Girl sitting on the rock on top of the mountain enjoying beautiful autumn scenery

If you are based in downtown Greenville, then the best way to get up in the mountains is by train. Amtrak does have a stop in the town of Greenville. If you leave the station on the main street there is a bus stop where you can catch a bus to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful all year round and make a great day trip from Greenville SC. The great thing about mountains is the winters are mild, the summers are hot and the fall is the most amazing time for scenery.

If you travel from Greenville, South Carolina to Asheville, North Carolina then you will find one of the most fascinating places in the country. Although Asheville is in NC, the city does not feel like one. The mountains are always there and in the backdrop, the city buzzes.

The mountains dominate the city. The River Haywood flows through the town. There are a number of interesting downtown areas, which you can stroll around and take time out from walking around to take in the culture.

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Check out the Town

spring at Traveler's Rest in South Carolina.

Downtown Travelers Rest is a great little place to check out. You will start on a highway which will take you up to the mountains and then carry on in a lovely little loop road around the town.

There are several waterfalls in the area and an old cemetery which is so picturesque. People also love to hang out on the River.

One of the best things about the town is that the roads are wide making it easy to drive around. There is also an Amtrak stop in Travelers Rest.

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Explore the Historic District

Aerial panoramic view of downtown Greenville

Downtown Greenville is very pretty and is a great spot to stroll around. Some visitors will fall in love with Greenville.

There are so many different attractions and tours you can do in the area. From food tours to history tours, there are lots of options for you to choose from.

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The Shops

Aerial of Downtown Greenville SC South Carolina Skyline

Downtown Greenville has a great selection of shops. If you enjoy coffee, then there are some great coffee places.

Some other great shops are Bakers Bake Shop, which offers the best brownies and cookies in town. The old-fashioned doughnut shop, at Bakers Bake Shop, also has some great doughnuts.

There are also a number of bookshops downtown. Visit these places if you want to stock up on books, or just spend some time looking around.

Greenville also has a great little market area which is centrally located downtown. You can get fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and other goodies here. It is also great for people-watching.

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Scenic view of Clemson

If you want a college town vibe then Clemson is the place for you. It is the main town of Clemson University. Most people love Clemson. It is easy to get to and if you are on a budget then you will be amazed at what you can find for cheap.

Clemson also has a beautiful lake, Lake Hartwell. If you are into your boating then the lake is the best place to be.

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The Avenue

If you are staying in Greenville then The Avenue is a great place to live. The Avenue is the heart of Greenville and is the heart of the town.

The Avenue hosts lots of events throughout the year, the most popular being The Greenville Wine and Food Experience. This is a great event, where you can sample food and sip wine.

There are a number of great restaurants and bars along the Avenue. If you are walking then there is a bench area available so you can sit down and enjoy a cold drink while people-watching.

Whatever your interests are, The Avenue is a great place to be in Greenville. Check out the shops, check out the bars and restaurants, and enjoy the food, the smells, and the sounds.

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Fall is a Great Time

View of waterfalls

Greenville always has something to do all year round. However, during the fall there is a lot of excitement. The leaves change color and the town buzzes.

Greenville is a great town all year round, but if you time your visit for the fall then.

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