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5 Best Day Trips from Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville (a city in Kentucky) is a wonderful city to visit. If you get a chance to go and visit then make sure that you take advantage of all the city has to offer. There are many day trips you can take which can either be self-guided or guided tours.

These day trips are great for people visiting for the first time or for those who have not been for some time. We are going to look at the best day trips from Louisville (obviously this list will be subjective and people may have their own suggestions, but this is what I came up with).

1. Lexington

Aerial panorama view of downtown Lexington

Lexington is less than an hour from Louisville and well worth a visit. The city provides a lot of history, art, and culture. provides a great website that allows you to explore and discover more about Lexington. The site includes great suggestions for things to do as well as places to go. It is easy to use and also includes local information.

2. The Liberty Bell

Closeup of The liberty bell

Visited in Lexington is a replica of the Liberty Bell which is housed at the Kentucky History Museum.

In 1792, the original Liberty Bell was melted down to make bullets. However, in 1995, Bell and Vine founders John Geyer and Larry Duke discovered the original bell in an outdoor exhibit for a museum in Philadelphia. They decided to purchase the bell and keep it in their original location. The bell was the first piece added to the Museum’s 300-year-old collection of Southern antiques.

Visitors can walk up to the bell for a closer look. However, the bell is normally closed for maintenance, so check the opening times before you head there.

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3. The Belknap Mill

The Belknap Mill is located in the Kentucky River Port and was the first water-powered sawmill in Kentucky. It was completed in 1806. Built-in 1856, the mill is in the center of Downtown LEX, located at 125 Court Street. The mill has been restored and houses the local museum, gift shop, and the “Kentucky Riverport Cruise Tour” boat, which will take you on a 45-minute tour of the Kentucky River.

The River Port is also a great spot for lunch. They have a 24-hour restaurant as well as a great waterside bar.

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4. The Eagle’s Nest

close view The Eagle’s Nest at sunset

The Eagle’s Nest, located in the Kentucky River Port, is the only remaining antebellum stone structure in downtown LEX. The three-story stone building, built in 1821, has been a local landmark.

Visit the building to enjoy its panoramic views of Downtown LEX. It is open to the public and is free to enter.

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5. The Big Four Bridge

Side view of The Big Four Bridge at sunset

The Big Four Bridge in Louisville is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is 161 meters long, 62 meters wide and has 7.5 meters wide main walkways. The bridge was completed in 1902 and was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. Its 33.5-meter towers are an iconic feature of Louisville.

The bridge is the only pedestrian bridge in the world with 4 spans with overall heights exceeding 80 meters. It is also one of the longest suspended spans in the world. A day trip to LEX would not even be close to complete if you do not stop at the Big Four Bridge.

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6. Fort Knox

Fort Knox Entrance
Image by Alberto Cabello used under CC BY 2.0

Fort Knox, located in Frankfort, KY, is the headquarters of the U.S. Army Bullion Depository. However, you are able to visit with a guided tour and stand guard at the Great Hall.

While at the fort, you can learn about history, take a tour of the exhibits and visit the gift shop. It was commissioned by President Eisenhower during the 1950s to house the large quantities of gold and other precious metals that the government was holding.

Fort Knox was nicknamed the Fort Knox of the Cold War. At the time, Fort Knox was one of several U.S. military bases housing nuclear warheads in readiness for a nuclear exchange. The fort is home to more than 1.3

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