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5 Best Day Trips from Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a vibrant metropolis known for its delectable Asian cuisines, K-Pop and K-Drama culture, scenic landscapes, and timeless traditions. It’s simply the best place to visit in Korea. If you have been to Seoul, it is easy to explore and discover other day trips to take from this city.

Here are the best day trips from Seoul that you can do today!

1. Jeonju

roofs of ancient korean houses in Jeonju
Korea Virtual Tour from Jeonju, Meeting TRADITION KTourTOP10 / Viator

One of the most rewarding day trips from Seoul that any traveler can take is heading to Jeonju. It is a small quaint city, beautiful, and filled with amazing gastronomic treats you should experience while you are here. Jeonju’s claim to fame is the Hanok Village and the delicious bibimbap.

Jeonju has been popularly known as the ‘Kyoto of Korea,’ and for a good reason. Here, you can enjoy amazing Korean meals and bibimbap. The bibimbap is a rice meal bowl cooked in a Korean clay pot yielding crisp rice at the bottom and scrumptious toppings of fresh veggies, beef, chili pepper sauce, and eggs on top.

2. Nami Island

couple biking around the coast in nami island
Nami Island and Petite France & Italian Village Day Trip from Seoul / Viator

For a laid-back, serene, and relaxed day trip from Seoul, you can do Nami Island. Experience tranquility and wide green spaces covered with ginkgo trees and dense forest here. It’s a slice of paradise on earth and it is just a few miles east of Seoul.

The island was named in honor of the great General Nami of the Joseon Dynast who perished on the island. In 2003, it was made the location of the K-Drama film ‘Winter Sonata.’ In fact, you can still come across the sculpture from the movie right at the heart of the island.

The adventure starts when you arrive at Nami island, where you can opt to enter via ferry or pay additional for a dramatic water entrance thru the zipline. There are several accommodations you can find in the island if you want to stay longer and explore.

3. Incheon

koreans in traditional costumes at the Gyeongbukgung Palace in Incheon
Layover Tour from Incheon Airport to Seoul / Viator

Incheon is world-famous for it’s the city where the Incheon International Airport can be found. If you are Seoul-bound, there is a great likelihood that you will arrive at Incheon airport. It is also one of the best day trips you can take from Seoul.

Incheon is the Chinatown in all of South Korea, and it showcases the close cultural ties Korea has with China.

Apart from Chinatown, you will find here great shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and a dining experience that’s authentically Korean. Incheon offers a great tour with beautiful change of scenery.

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4. Bukhansan

sunset at the Bukhansan mountain
Bukhansan Mountain Private Hike with Lunch / Viator

One of the most fantastic things about visiting Seoul is that it is a city sharing space with a great national park.

The Bukhansan mountains consist of several rugged terrains and hills that are spread over the northernmost part of Seoul, making it a perfect hiking spot for tourists and locals alike. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this day trip is a must for you.

Spend your weekends hiking the Bukhansan National Park. It is definitely one of the best day trips from Seoul that you should never pass up!

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5. Suwon

tourists riding the red trolley at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon
Full Day Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village Tour / Viator

Near Seoul are other satellite cities. They are small cities found at the edge of the metropolis. They all can be accessed via Seoul day trips. One of these cities is Suwon.

Suwon is found in the southern part of Seoul and can be visited via subway. Here you can find one of the most fascinating monuments – the Hwaseong Fortress. It is a massive structure created in the late 18th century and is now world-renown as a UNESCO World Heritage site that represents ancient Korea.

Suwon offers one of the most remarkable sights around Seoul and it can be easily accessed from the city center, which is why it should be on your travel bucket list as you head out for a day trip in Seoul, South Korea.

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